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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, September 23, 2017

The controversial decision by Governor Andrew Cuomo to station state troopers at airports in New York City is costing millions of dollars more than originally expected. Critics say that Cuomo’s reason for posting the troopers is merely to bulk up his reputation throughout the five boroughs. 

Last week, the Cuomo administration posted a quarterly budget report online that showed an increase in State Police spending of $26 million from what was initially anticipated in April when the 2017-18 budget was enacted.

The report stated, “Increased spending is driven by an enhanced presence at the JFK and LaGuardia Airports in order to bolster airport security, deter terrorism and provide.”

The report also sited that the reason for the increase in spending was a class of State Police recruits that was much bigger than anticipated.

The increase was defended by Cuomo’s budget division’s spokesman Morris Peters. 

Peters said, "When State Police becomes aware of potential threats, additional resources are deployed to critical locations as security may require. The length of this assignment — which state police made out of prolonged security concerns — was not yet set during the initial budget. These adjustments are well within our framework and are exactly the reasons why we do these updates."

According to the report, the total of the State Police’s budget, including the adjustments to the spending, was $653.3 million. 

The Daily News reports, “Critics have charged that Cuomo’s assignment of state police troopers to city airports is unnecessary and intended largely to bolster his profile in the five boroughs. Administration officials insist the deployment was intended to better guard against terrorism.”

By Hannah Hayes