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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, September 23, 2017

New York

Transit delays have become more than just a nuisance. So far in 2017, NY city employees have missed 17,143 hours of work due to the MTA’s crumbling subway system, as reported by the NY Daily News. That sets the stage for city workers to miss nearly 26,000 hours of work this year, potentially setting a record of tardiness due to service disruptions. Last year, workers missed a total of 19,417 hours all year long due to subway delays. This year the tardiness increased nearly 30 percent from last year. In 2015, subway problems led to 19,142 missed hours, up 5% from 18,191 in the year 2014. 

“That shows very clearly that this is a problem that has been getting worse,” said Nick Sifuentes, deputy director of transit advocacy group Riders

On Friday September 1st, Mayor Bill de Blasio finally released his long promised list of campaign donors who wanted campaign favors but didn’t receive them. About 15 months have lapsed since he promised to produce the list in May 2016. Still, despite the time lapse, the list produced seems vague and lists only four examples, two of which were already publicized. Hizzoner does not mention the names of any donors in his letter, which he posted on, but rather he takes the opportunity to

A trove of newly released photos reveals that the NYPD had secret surveillance on the extremists and protesters in the Big Apple a half-century ago. NYC’s Department of Records and Information Services has given roughly 60 photos to the NY Post, from the NYPD showing that cops were spying on radical groups, looking out for criminal activity.

Pauline Toole, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Records and Information Services, decided to make these photos public now, because of the

On Thursday, August 31, governor Andrew Cuomo endorsed Francisco Moya for the Queens Democrat’s City Council primary, while criticizing his opponent disgraced former state Senator Hiram Monseratte.

Cuomo said, “Contrasted with Hiram Monserrate's shameful record of domestic violence and abusing the public trust, the choice could not be more clear. I'm proud to endorse Francisco Moya for City Council in the 21st District and I know he will continue to be a true champion of Democratic

Neal Milano, the Sunnyside, Queens, condominium property manager, whose tenants say he harasses and bullies them, was arrested Sunday.

Sources said Milano is being questioned over a stalking complaint that one of his residents filed, and that police are taking away Milano's gun permits and any potential weapons.

Authorities will also search his apartment, sources told NY1.

Milano had been out of the country, but he returned Sunday, and police arrested him at the airport around 2:20