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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Stephen Goodson, director of the South African Reserve Bank, believes that Jews fabricated the Holocaust to extort money from Germany.The South African Israel Public Affairs Committee (SAIPAC) has spoken out in favor of firing the director of the South African Reserve Bank for his recently publicized pro-Nazi statements.

“Stephen Goodson should be fired immediately or made to resign immediately,” said David Hersch, the head of SAIPAC.

In an article published by a South African newspaper two weeks ago, Stephen Goodson was quoted extensively as having spoken in the past about his high regard for Germany’s World War II Nazi regime, and denying the reality of the Holocaust. In an interview on the radio in 2010, he claimed that Jews engaged in “ritual murder” in the early centuries, and he went on to castigate Jews for exerting total control over world banking and media.

“The Jews have been expelled from over 70 countries, some of them several times,” Goodson explained. “But unfortunately they have such a tight control of the media. Well, there is a small window of hope in that the Internet can provide alternative views, but even there they are trying to exercise supervision.”

Goodson also declared during that interview that the Holocaust was “a huge lie,” devised by the Jews to extort financial disbursements from Germany.
“Of course, the principle is to extract enormous sums of money from the Germans as compensation,” he stated. They [international bankers] tarnished that whole period as being one of great evil in order to keep you blind to what is possible.”

Goodson also wrote a book in 2004 titled Bonaparte & Hitler Versus the International Bankers, wherein he stated that World War II was provoked by Germany’s great economic success rather than what he termed “human rights issues.” The prominent banker has also penned articles in which he condemned the allegedly outsize influence of Jewish bankers on political activity in England and on the German government prior to World War II. Those articles are posted on a number of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic websites.

“The Reserve Bank should be ashamed to have someone like this on their board of directors,” said Hersch while speaking at a public event. “Now that he has been exposed, they should act immediately.”

Hersch emphasized that the bank’s reaction to the issue— stating that Goodson’s mandate would end this July— “is not good enough.” Hersch also urged the South African government to issue a definitive statement “condemning Goodson and distancing them from him and his statements, opinions, his denial of the Holocaust and adherence to anti-Semitic hate speech and complete falsehood.”

The South African Mail and Guardian disclosed that Goodson has written articles outlining an “historical analysis of banking history,” which claims that Jewish bankers invented the Holocaust solely for the purpose of obtaining money from Germany. The South Africa Jewish Board of Deputies informed the Jewish community that they are monitoring the issue very closely, in accordance with their standard procedure regarding all anti-Semitic incidents.
According to David Jacobson, executive director of the board in Cape Town, the Jewish community was “shocked” over the “grossly anti-Semitic and racially inflammatory views” aired by Goodson.

“The community welcomes the fact that the Reserve Bank has distanced itself from the opinions expressed by Goodson,” Jacobson said.
This echoes the previous statement from the Board’s chairman, Mary Kluk, condemning Goodson’s opinions.

“The views purportedly disseminated by Stephen Goodson are hurtful and offensive, not only in the way they give credence to the pernicious theory that Jews fabricated the Holocaust in order to extort money from Germany  but in how they serve to glorify the legacy of the hateful Nazi regime,” Kluk said. “Such views serve only to distort the historical record, falsely denying a time when ideologies of racial hatred caused untold suffering to millions and insulting the memory of the innocent victims of those times.”

In response to the outcry, the South African Reserve Bank stated that Goodson’s tenure as a board member ends in July. The bank does not plan to extend his candidacy for another term.