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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Jerusalem-based Herzl Beer microbrewery is set to create a collaborative brew with acclaimed German craft brewery, CREW Republic. The collaboration, which will produce a unique German-Israeli beer, will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first beer purity law, the Reinheitsgebot.

The project was conceived by the Jewish Museum of Munich, which will open a special exhibition in April 2016 called “Beer is the Wine of This Land.”

The exhibition will focus on the Jewish influence on the beer industry in Germany and throughout history. According to the museum, “the Munich Jewish community played an important part in the history of Bavarian beer.”

“Among other things, Jews were prominent hops traders, hops being one of the central ingredients of beer,” related the museum’s press release.

“The collaboration beer will be sold in pubs and select shops in Germany, and at the museum during the exhibition,” Maor Helfman, one of Herzl Beer’s founders, told TPS.

“We are extremely proud to be chosen to work with our colleagues in CREW Republic. It’s a very well known brewery out of Munich, the most famous craft brewery in Germany in fact,” said Helfman.

Herzl Beer was chosen for this project personally by Conrad Seidl, an Austrian beer expert and writer who is known as the “Beer Pope” and is considered one of the top authorities on German and Austrian beers.

Seidl arrived in Israel this past August, along with Bernhard Purin, director of the Jewish Museum of Munich. The two traveled all over Israel and secretly inspected many beer brewers before choosing Herzl Beer as the winner.

According to the Beer Pope’s Beer of the Week podcast, Seidl was especially impressed by Herzl Beer’s Embargo, a porter style dark beer seasoned with real Cuban tobacco leaves.

Herzl Beer was opened three years ago by partners, Maor Helfman and Itai Gutman, and claims the title of Jerusalem’s first brewery. They regularly make five types of beer, which include the Embargo porter.

Last year Herzl Beer won a gold and a silver medal in an international craft brewing competition held in Berlin, Germany.

“We are currently working on the recipe in communication with the guys in CREW Republic and in February, my partner and me will arrive in Munich and start the brewing process. The beer will be ready for consumption by April, in time for the Reinheitsgebot anniversary exhibition at the museum,” Helfman told TPS.

Collaborative brewing is a well known concept in the world of both commercial and craft beer. It usually entails two breweries creating a new recipe which represents the style and spirit of both beer-makers. However, such an international project has never been done with an Israeli brewery before.

“We will create a beer that combines age-old German brewing traditions with Israeli revolutionary innovation,” concluded Helfman.   (TPS)

Michael Zeff