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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

An alumna of the ISEF Foundation’s scholarship programs for immigrant and underserved young Israelis has just been named to a full professorship at a top Israeli law school – and also to the Israeli Minister of Justice’s “short list” of 28 candidates to fill four vacancies in Israel’s High Court of Justice.

Professor Yifat Bitton of Israel’s College of Management Academic Studies Law School in Rishon LeZion, is co-founder of Tmura -The Israeli Anti-Discrimination Legal Center. She has won awards in recent years from Hadassah, the New Israel Fund, and other organizations for her fierce dedication to achieving equal status for Israeli women and girls from marginalized communities.

Professor Bitton writes: One of the first calls I made when I learned I’d been named professor was to Tomer Samarkandi, ISEF Israel’s director - to say thank you to ISEF for the tremendous part ISEF has played in my life’s journey as an academic and activist.

Professor Bitton has been an active leader with ISEF for more than a decade, including a postdoctoral stint as an ISEF International Fellow at Harvard Law School.

“I congratulate Dr. Bitton on this latest achievement with all my heart,” said ISEF President Nina Weiner, “and I take pride in this latest proof that ISEF’s investment in developing Israel’s greatest untapped natural resource – the minds of bright young people from disadvantaged communities – offers such a wonderful return on investment, benefiting not only all Israeli women, but all of Israeli society.”

The ISEF Foundation’s mission is to promote equal opportunity and narrow the gaps in Israeli society by expanding access to higher education. Established in 1977 by the late Edmond J. Safra, his wife Lily Safra, and Nina Weiner, the foundation supports 400-500 Israeli scholars each year, from bachelor’s to Ph.D., and runs leadership training programs that empower them for lifetime civic involvement. ISEF’s beneficiaries also serve as teachers, mentors, and role models for more than 2,500 youth enrolled in education projects which ISEF sponsors in blighted urban neighborhoods and development towns throughout over Israel.