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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Donald’s Trump election has led to big boosts in many businesses. Goldman Sachs’ stock has risen the most out of all the large finance management firms. This has led to the value of bonuses at Goldman Sachs increasing by over a half of a billion dollars.

In 2011, Goldman’s share price went down by an incredible 46%, and they had to let go close to a thousand employees. This was all do to the insanity in the global market caused by Congress threatening to default on the government’s debt that summer, which hurt the multitudes of big banks.

In 2012, Goldman gave employees around $900 million worth of shares, to help ease the pain, under the condition that they keep the shares for a certain number of years.

According to Crain’s News, “Time healed wounds, and Goldman's fortunes improved. By Election Day 2016, the restricted shares were worth $1.9 billion. Today they are worth $2.5 billion, as Goldman's stock price has soared by 35% since Trump was elected, making it the hottest stock on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The rally has been fueled by hopes that the Trump administration's economic and tax policies will be Wall Street–friendly, a forecast that has boosted stocks of all the big banks, with JPMorgan Chase up 23%, Morgan Stanley up 29% and Citigroup up 21%. All these firms are major New York employers, so their rising fortunes figure to give the local economy a big lift.”

Since no other bank giant as experienced as drastic as an increase in stock as Goldman has, it implies that investors believe that the Trump administration will be extra good for the firm’s business. Which does make sense, considering the former president of Goldman, Gary Cohen, has been appointed director of the White House's National Economic Council, in addition another former Goldman executive Steve Bannon is Trump’s head strategist and former partner Steven Mnuchin is set up to soon be Treasury secretary.

According to a regulatory filing, the sale restriction on the shares that were granted in 2012, just happens to expire in January 2017. This means that the Goldman employees are permitted to cash in their stakes during this Trump-inspired rise.

Theonly thing a spokesman for Goldman had to say to Crain’s about their analysis was, "The math is the math."

By Mark Snyder