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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, September 25, 2017

On Saturday, January 21, the streets of Manhattan were flooded with an estimated 400,000 protestors, who aimed to send a message to President Trump along with several other Women’s March rallies around the country.

For the majority of the day, a huge chunk of Manhattan was forced to standstill with gigantic crowds lined up along Fifth Avenue nearby Trump Tower. The protesters booed Trump and waved signs mocking his ties to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as well as his hair.

The New York Times reports, “It was a moment of both catharsis and camaraderie in a city that was, for the most part, shocked and disappointed by Mr. Trump’s ascendance to the presidency.

Holding a ‘Nasty Woman’ sign, Grace Huezo, 20, was buoyed by the huge turnout and the joyful mood.”

Huezo told the NYT, “I’m hopeful to see so many people that are not giving up and they’re keeping their spirit. We’re all just going to stick together over the next four years.”

Huezo, who is a student at Hunter College, said she and her sister were marching in defense of women’s rights. The recording of Trump in 2005 that was revealed during his campaign, in which he made lewd comments about women, completely disgusted Huezo.

She said, “We’re here saying, ‘No, people do not have permission to grab women without our permission.’” 

The march started on the East Side, with a rally close to Trump World Tower. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray led the crowd at the rally in urging Trump to keep the Affordable Care Act.

McCray said, “New York City has always been the center of progressive America, and that will never change.”

Famed actress Whoopi Goldberg predicted that this march is merely the first of many more while Trump is president. Another speaker alluded to the diversity debate that led up to the marches, she said she wants equal pay, and “not just for white women.”

Subway stations were overwhelmed and streets of the city clogged with marchers throughout the day. According to the NYT, “Men and women wore pink ‘pussy hats’ and held signs that read, ‘You lost here, Donald,’ and ‘I’m Still With Her.’ Around 4 p.m., near Trump Tower, a wall of police officers tried to keep people moving as protesters chanted, ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Plenty of children attended the march with parents and grandparents. Along the route, Annabel Lui, 6, stood on a bench proudly holding a sign that said: ‘Little Donald, you’ve been a bad boy. Now go to your room for the next four years.’ Passers-by stopped to watch as she chanted, ‘Trump has to go!’”

By Hannah Hayes