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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Obama supposedly in retirement, now encamped in his war-room mansion just a short walk from his old den, the White House, has unleashed accusations that President Trump has criminally been in collusion with Russia to subvert Hillary's recent failed campaign and to threaten our national security by secretly teaming up with Putin. So, according to all of the now outspoken, vociferously angry Dems, Putin is a bad guy and the Russians are not to be trusted. What a strange turn of events for anyone well versed in a bit of history.

For the past 80 or so years, the Democrat Party has been in bed with Russia and its export, Communism. Our union movement from the United Mine Workers, United Auto Workers, garment workers, teamsters, etc., the backbone of the Democrat Party, all had their leaders taking orders from Moscow. Even Henry Wallace, our Vice President from 1941 through 1945 was a Communist. President Roosevelt rolled over for Joseph Stalin and gave him control of Eastern Europe. Democrats were in love with Russia then.

More recently, Hillary, while our Secretary of State, orchestrated a deal with the Russian group, Rosatom, under the control of Putin, that gave over 20% of our uranium deposits to guess what nation? And all for the millions in bribes that Russia through its agencies poured into the Clinton Foundation. Throw in a half million $$ to have Bill speak to a dozing audience in Russia. She loved Russia and Putin then.

Recall please, when President Obama whispered over an open mic to then Russian President Medvedev, that after he'd get re-elected he'd have more flexibility to placate Putin. Poland And Czechoslovakia had fits when Obama in an appeasement move removed all of our anti-missile defenses from those countries. He loved Russia then.

Obama drew a red line for Syria's Assad, back in 2012 threatening to take action if the dictator gassed civilians. Assad did just that and because of Putin's actions in support of Assad, Obama backed down and people continued to die. Obama's nuclear deal with Iran was orchestrated with the approval of Russia who is that nation's ally in the Syrian War. During the 2012 election debates, Obama reprimanded his opponent , Mitt Romney when the Republican charged that Russia was our greatest threat. He loved Russia then.

Throw in Bernie Sanders' the all powerful leader of the Democrat Left and his honeymoon in Russia, where he kvelled at the life of the ordinary Russian citizen. He now calls for Russia to be included in a new NATO. He still loves Russia.

So, all in all, the Democrats are doing a one eighty on Russia, all to bring down the truly feared enemy of that nation, President Donald Trump.