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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Since the inauguration of President Trump, the hostility against Israel has been ramped Leftist Jews and their gleeful, smirking, Palestinian associates in hate who have successfully infiltrated the Jewish "Two State Solution" movement. After all, for the last eight Obama years, the Palestinians were in control of the fictional "Peace Process" by merely sitting in their mansions observing the American Jewish Left, under Obama's watchful eye, push and punish Prime Minister Netanyahu to the point where Palestinian President Abbas stated quite openly back in 2015,

"We welcome every drop of (Jewish) blood spilled in Jerusalem." And he not only got away with that call for bloodshed but the liberal American Jewish crowd stood in awe of his words. The J Street organization, a deeply Democrat-Far-Left, faux Jewish group that falsely calls itself "The Political Home for Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Americans," seems to be coordinating to counteract our new president who proudly states his love for and support for the State of Israel.

At its recent convention, J Street had a gathering that included guys with first names such as Ziad, Ali, Bashar and Omar who all chorused the need for an independent Palestine and the removal of the yoke of Israeli occupation, oppression and heavy handedness over the democracy craving, peaceful, Palestinian people. Their chorus lines were joined by envoys from Jewish anti-Israel groups such as T'ruah, Peace Now, the Reform Movement and the JCRC's. But the key Israel throat slitters to stand before the group were such as Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine Robert Malley, Tom Friedman, Martin Indyk and of course.......Bernie Sanders.

The Kid From Brooklyn who nearly made it to the White House were it not for Hillary's criminal use of the main stream media to destroy his campaign tore the house down with his support for: The Iran Deal, The Two State Solution, Security Council Resolution 2334 and raised the roof with his support for Hamas in Gaza. And he knocked Israel for how it won and survived the 1948 War. That's Bernie for you.

But Sanders also waged his own war when he sent a letter to the proposed American Ambassador to Israel, whom he does not support, David Friedman in which he advocated for Israel spending much of America's pledged $38 billion in defense aid to Israel over the next 10 years for Palestinian aid. He stated in the note that these monies: "should be directed toward measures that would facilitate a much greater flow of humanitarian and reconstruction materials" to Gaza. Apparently Bernie has had reports that Hamas' terror tunnels into Israel from Gaza are lacking the steel and concrete for their completion.

The truth is, we've had it with American Leftist-Progressive-Democrat Jews who will not cease demeaning, demoting, disgracing and attempting to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. To them all, we apply the label of demented, deranged and just plain nuts! But consider they are all dangerous and should be denounced whenever and whenever they appear before you.