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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017

According to a new lawsuit, murderer and heir to real estate empire Robert Durst owes $130,000 to private investigators that he hired to look into his arrest in March 2015 for the murder of his friend Susan Berman. 

Berman was killed in 2000, and her alleged murderer is now in a Los Angeles jail awaiting trial. 

Prosecutors say that Durst killed Berman out of fear that she would implicate him in the death of his wife, Kathy, who disappeared in 1982.

The 73-year-old “black sheep” of the Durst Family, who have a real estate empire in New York City, starred in an HBO documentary about his life called “The Jinx.” Information that came out during the filming of the show contributed to him now being on trial for Bermans’s murder. 

The lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court says, two weeks after his arrest in 2015, Durst obtained the services of New York- based T&M Protection Resources. A $25,000 retainer was paid by Durst, then close to 500 hours were spent by the firm’s private eyes conducting field work and digital research into the events around his arrest, according to court papers.

The Post reports, “When Durst didn’t pay the invoice by July, the firm tried to get the money through his lawyer Steven Rabinowitz and wife Deborah Lee Charatan, according to court papers. After that collection attempt failed, T&M Vice President Michael Mansfield made a personal plea to Durst to pay his “severely delinquent” account, which has ballooned to over $160,000 with interest.

In February 2016, Mansfield wrote to Durst, “We understand how difficult these past months have been for you, but also know that through Steve, that you honor your commitments.” 

The suit says that Durst has failed to pay up. 

Vincent Amicizia, the lawyer representing the firm, said that no reason has been supplied by Durst as to why he refuses to pay his bill. 

In 2007, $65 million was given to Durst when his family cut ties with him, so he should have plenty of money. His Younger brother Douglas currently runs the Durst Organization, which constructed 1 World Trade Center and 4 Times Square.

According to The Post, “Four years earlier, Durst was acquitted of murder in Texas after testifying that he shot his Galveston neighbor Morris Black in self-defense and then chopped up the body and dumped it in the sea. He was convicted of tampering with evidence and jumping bail. His attorney did not immediately return a message seeking comment.”

By Mark Snyder