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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Betsy DeVos was recently confirmed by the Senate to be our new Education Secretary. As part of her campaign to have all of our nation's kids improve their current low level of learning, she has advocated taxpayer funding to include private, charter as well as religious schools. This has aroused all sorts of outcries from Liberal-Progressive-Democrats who claim she wants to do away with the "Separation of Church and State." In addition, they demand federal funds should not be given to schools that are not public schools and not run (down the tubes) and controlled by government officials. 

Mrs. DeVos has a job to do and that's to see that our kids are motivated to learn, achieve academically and using that basic education, to succeed in life. Not an easy task when you're up against the politically mighty teachers unions whose members are on the public payroll in our major cities. The goals of such as the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are to keep their constituents' salaries mounting and their membership soaring. Unlike those employed in business, there is no concern for success in the classrooms they control. Their employment does not depend on a well finished, ready for market product. Incompetent teachers are now flooding the classrooms in the public schools around the country. Their own academic inadequacies make them incapable of teaching the essentials to their students. 

The New York Post recently revealed that some city high schools punched out graduates, with diplomas in hand, with only 1.9% having college readiness levels. In other words, they were not even ready to successfully complete junior high school. Their lives have been ruined. How can they function in a rapidly expanding technologically based world if they are denied learning just the necessary basics to get on with life? 

Many concerned parents want to send their kids to the schools of their choice, even religious ones as long as they do their job of educating their children. The political bureaucracy wishes to deny them these rights based on the bogus religious issue.  Churches, synagogues and mosques are already publicly supported in that they pay no real estate taxes and are income tax free 501c3 corporations. The GI Bill funded by taxpayer $$ gives the green light for veterans to attend the Jewish Theological Seminary as well as colleges preparing candidates to be priests and ministers. There has never been "a religious issue" with the GI Bill. So why in public schools?

Charter schools are another bone in the throats of liberals. They are publicly funded but can be privately run. their flexibility and lottery-based admissions increase the options of the poor and minority students who are often zoned to failing public schools. The good news is that only 7% of their staff, nationwide is unionized. Which means that lousy teachers lose their jobs. Ms. DeVos wants to enlarge the number of charters which will compete with and challenge their neighboring public schools to improve. In our society, competition delivers results. And good luck to our new Secretary of Education who wants only for our kids to get the breaks they deserve: A better education for a better life and a better society with federal funding. Good luck to her and her goals.