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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A piece of property in Downtown Brooklyn measuring out 220,000-square feet is the center of a lawsuit to the tune of $44 million.  The plaintiff is the head of Aview Equities, based in Borough Park, named Abraham Liefer. The defendant is Henry Lieberman, who Abraham Liefer claims violated their contractual agreement to sell the Brooklyn property to Liefer…by attempting to instead sell it to Liefer’s own possible investors for $3 million dollars less than the agreed-upon price of $44 million between the two.

Abraham Liefer described his investors in court as “a small, tight knit, insular and financially capable real estate investor group” who he was working with to help financially aid his buying of 15 Hanover Place in 2015 from the Lieberman Group, headed by Henry Lieberman, for $44 million.  The property measures 9,400 square-feet, with a surrogate address for 283 Livingston Street for the three story 37,500 square-foot building that can be found on it. Development rights include a complete 93,800 square feet in the surrounding area.

At one time, Abraham Liefer had contracts with Harry Blaustein, an optometrist, to purchase a nearby real estate property at 275-281 Livingston Street for the price of $18.5 million. Another property that Liefer had his eye on was located at 291 Livingston Street for the round sum of $10 million, that he was looking to purchase with the help of Red Apple Group headed by John Catsimatidis. The Real Deal reported earlier this month that this same property had been sold by Red Apple Group to Eli Karp’s Hello Living for $11.1 million.

A grand total of 220,000 square feet of development rights are in play with the current legal wrangling.  Abraham Liefer had originally planned to turn this property into offices and retail outlets.  Liefer claims that while he was working to gain investors' help in purchasing the properties, Henry Lieberman was covertly looking to sell the properties to Liefer’s investors instead, at $3 million dollars less than the asking price between him and Lieberman.  According to statements made by Abraham Liefer in Kings County Supreme court, “[Lieberman] knew that members of the investment group who had committed to invest in the property at a purchase price of $44 million would back out of their commitment if the property were offered to them at the substantially lower price of $41 million.”

Henry Lieberman has refused all comments, deferring all questions to his attorney.  Abraham Liefer is being represented by Darren Oved of Oved & Oved. They have declined any requests for comments.  Abraham Liefer is attempting to get back his $2 million down payment with the current lawsuit, as well as seeking payment for costs and punitive damages.

Previous legal action between Henry Lieberman and Abraham Liefer occurred last summer when a Liefer sued Lieberman over not having quickly received tenants certificates which verified details of their leases.

By: Anat Ghelber