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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How did Israel win the 1967 war? And what stopped the Iraqis and Syrians from achieving devastating nuclear weaponry? Simple..... Israel's brilliant use of pre-emptive military strategy which was to attack Egypt before becoming victims themselves. Years later in 1981 Israel's airpower destroyed the Iraqi Osirak nuclear plant and in a nearly carbon copy strike in 2007 they demolished the Syrian Al Kibar atomic facility before they were operational. One can only shudder at the prospects of Israel's Prime Ministers at those times, Levi Eshkol and Ehud Olmert, respectively, delaying these attacks and even canceling them out of fear of international rebuke and condemnation. Both of these leaders understood that the first responsibility of a nation's commander in chief is the security, protection and safety of his/her nation and its citizens. This is the foremost obligation of every leader. Well, supposed to be, anyway.

Today, President Trump faces similar decisions relating to the bombast, threats and menacing moves from both North Korea and Iran. Both of these nations, one surely a nuclear threat and the other perhaps having a bomb or two secreted in its arsenal, have successfully intimidated us for the last eight years with threats of wiping us out if we did not kneel down to them and whimper our apologies for whatever their misgivings. Obama's goodies to them of favorable treaties, funding and the wink and the nod encouraging them to think that we would always back down at their menacing messages has created monsters that President Trump now has to face. They are like spoiled children assuming they would always get their way.

In this explosive situation does our president use our overwhelming military force to destroy Kim Jong-un's nuclear missile capabilities before that deranged leader launches an assault against our nation? Does he continue with Obama's "Let's try another conference" method of not facing reality? Unlike Israel's past leaders in this type of situation, Trump faces his own citizenry, fifty percent of whom are aligned with the Peacenik, Progressive, Democrat Party that not only condemns the use of our military might but wishes it mothballed and replaced with non-stop, worthless negotiating with nations having no sense of right and wrong.

Not having the background of a weak-kneed, vote hungry, party loyal politician Trump may very well decide that like in business, he has to take the horse by the tail and make a crucial decision before it's too late. Iran had been coddled and sort of breast fed by Obama to grow beyond its borders and metastasize its terrorist activities throughout the already explosive Middle East. Its troops and surrogates are now active in Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Jordan. They have been funded with hundreds of billions of our $$ and their nuclear plants are operating non-stop. North Korea has launched missiles over Japan and has similar batteries aimed at South Korea. Their leader is a lunatic who would not hesitate to initiate a suicidal war against us.

President Trump has to weigh his options. Does he sit back and wait for our avowed enemies to strengthen themselves to the point they will attack us or does he order our well prepared, modern military to pre-emptively cripple our adversaries before they ambush us? We feel our nation is endangered and at least a minimal military strike by us will send a lesson not only to North Korea and Iran but to the rest of the planet that the United States will do all in its power to see to it that its citizens are safe from the insanities of this world and the madmen who seem to be flourishing in its cesspools of hate, bigotry and lunacy. The light is green, Mr. President, go for it.