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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

French security services arrest two men accused of plotting an attack, five days before presidential election

French security services on Tuesday arrested two men accused of plotting an attack, just five days before the first round of the presidential election, AFP reports.

The men were arrested in the southern city of Marseille by agents from France’s domestic intelligence agency, according to the news agency.

French Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said the attack was to be carried out in the “next few days” by the two men, aged 23 and 29, who are known to be “radicalized”.

He gave no further details on the nature of the plot.

France has been rocked by a wave of deadly jihadist attacks which began on January 2015 and have killed more than 230 people. The country remains on high alert.

Last month, French authorities arrested four members of a family as part of a preliminary investigation in connection with a plot to carry out an attack

Prior to that, French police arrested three men suspected of planning a terror attack in raids in the Paris area, Marseille and the central city of Clermont-Ferrand.

In February, French police nabbed four members of an alleged terror cell believed to have been planning a suicide bombing in Paris.

On April 9th, it was reported that France expelled Swiss Islamist preacher Hani Ramadan who posed "a serious threat to public order", the interior ministry said, according to AFP.

Ramadan, brother of Tariq Ramadan and whose grandfather founded Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested in Colmar, eastern France, while attending a conference, the report said.

He was "known in the past to have adopted behavior and made remarks which pose a serious threat on French soil," the ministry said in a statement.

"The interior ministry and the forces of law and order are fully mobilized and will continue to fight ceaselessly against extremism and radicalization," Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said in the statement.

In 2002, Hani Ramadan was fired from his teaching post in Switzerland after writing an article in French newspaper Le Monde in support of the stoning of adulterers and suggesting that AIDS was a divine punishment, AFP reported.

Six years later he won 345,000 Swiss francs compensation over the firing.

Ramadan's brother Tariq is banned from entering the United States.

France has been rocked by a wave of deadly jihadist attacks which began on January 2015, and remains on high alert. 

By: A7 Staff