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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Zahied Mohammed signed on for more than he bargained for when he began working for Daisy Soros, the sister in law of George Soros. His former employer purportedly had her former black and gay butler sleeping on her floor while the billionaire shouted homophobic comments at him. Soros responded to her former butler's protests by saying that she had “money and I can treat people however I want” according to court documents. 

Mohammed began working for Soros, who had been married to the late Paul Soros in October of 2013 as her weekend butler according to the Daily News. 

Daisy Soros verbally battered and coerced the Trinidadian-born butler into sleeping on the floor on a foam pad that he brought from Costco. After a year of putting up with Soros’ behavior, Mohammed eventually threatened to quit his job. At that point, Soros acquiesced and allowed him to sleep on a foam mattress on top of the bed, but not directly on it, the Daily News notes. The billionaire philanthropist, who ironically runs a fellowship program for immigrants to the U.S. and their children, allowed her polished and altruistic veneer to slip behind closed doors if we are to believe Mohammed’s account of what he endured on the job. 

While making him more and more vulnerable to her maltreatment, she played on Mohammed’s sympathies by pleading with him to take into account her feeble health and age. “If you stay here, then maybe I’ll live a couple more years.” Soros allegedly said. 

Mohammed would live to regret his decision to remain her employee, as the verbal assaults grew more and more aggravated in their brutality as time went on. 

The suit he filed alleges that he was discriminated against on account of his sexuality and his race, two categorizations that are protected classes under New York City’s anti-discrimination law. 

“It made me feel like a slave,” Mohammed told the Daily News. “I couldn’t believe it was happening.” 

Soros continually targeted Mohammed according to filed Court documents because of his sexual orientation. Soros is said to have told her ex-butler that “It’s better to be married to your husband than to go out there and get AIDS.” When Mohammed asked her to stop commenting on his sexuality, emphasizing that not all gay men are promiscuous and infected with AIDS, Soros replied: “That’s what you all say.” When Mohammed continued to protest over similar comments made against his sexuality, Soros told him “Don’t be a sissy. Stop complaining and be a man.” Soros is also charged in the complaint with saying things such as “I have money and I can treat people however I want and who gives a f…! Don’t you know who we are?” 

Mohammed finally left his job after not being paid for several days. After he asked Soros to be compensated, his boss allegedly told her ex-employee “My name is Soros and I know some very powerful people…you are nobody and I will fire you the next time you talk to me about anything that is not your f*cking business.” 

Soros’s attorney pointed to her commitment to philanthropy and referring to Mohammed’s allegations as “baseless”, describing the former butler as a “former part-time employee seeking a quick payday.”

By: Kristina Stukalenko