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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Most of us wouldn’t mind earning a few extra dollars on the side to remain above the water financially, but NYS assemblyman Alec Brooks-Krasny now finds himself in a legal imbroglio that he never hoped for. The assemblyman, who represented Brighton Beach along with other neighborhoods in southern Brooklyn, allegedly resigned from his post in the middle of 2015 because according to him, he could not break the law as other legislators do. 

Krasny found himself going back on his vow of propriety only months after leaving office. He was caught twice using official license plates even after promising to hand them over after his resignation. In a dismissive fashion, Krasny responded to the ordeal by saying “I don’t know what to say….I just didn’t think it was a big deal.” 

Krasny claimed that he had been too lazy to properly wait on the DMV lines in order to trade in his government plates for new ones. 

The 59-year old former assemblyman became the CFO of a medical lab, a job he took in part because his salary eclipsed the $92,000 he earned as a public servant.  Soon after Krasny would find himself doing the very thing that he professed never to do while he was in office-break the law. 

He enlisted the help of a crooked doctor named Lazar Feygin in order to carry out his plot. The doctor headed two of the clinics that Krasny oversaw as chief financial officer. 

The clinics in question include Parkville Medical Health in Kensington and LF services in Clinton Hill. The two facilities received an estimated $16 million in fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements between 2013 and 2017 according to officials overseeing the case. 

According to the city Special Narcotics prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan, Krasny allegedly conspired with Quality Laboratory Services in Sheepshead Bay, which had done most of the drug testing for Brooklyn clinics Feygin managed. 

Krasny worked with the labs to erase evidence of alcohol consumption so that patients would get oxycodone prescriptions. The CFO also ordered fraudulent tests in order to get millions of dollars in false reimbursements. 

Krasny was not arrested along with 12 other codefendants as he was on vacation in Israel. However, the former politician had been indicted on charges of conspiracy, health care fraud and scheme to defraud. 

Feygin-70, alleged to be the mastermind behind the scam was remanded and indicted on over 200 counts of conspiracy, grand larceny, and additional raps.

By: Natasha Spyer