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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017

New Yorkers have not become uncomfortably familiar with the name Linda Sarsour. The Palestinian activist has made a name for herself in the city and beyond as an urbane anti-Israel propagandist and one who routinely spews forth lies and distortions about the genuine ideology of Sharia law.

As a Muslim, Sarsour has referred to “Zionist trolls” and lauded the “courage” of rock-throwing Palestinians. Earlier this month, she said she was “honored and privileged” to share the stage at the anti-Israel Jewish Voices for Peace conference in Chicago, with convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh. Born in Brooklyn, she was the co-organizer of the Women’s March in Washington, a day after President Trump’s inauguration as well as a former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York.

In an interview with The Nation last month, Sarsour suggested feminism and Zionism are incompatible. “It just doesn’t make any sense for someone to say, ‘Is there room for people who support the state of Israel and do not criticize it in the movement?’ There can’t be in feminism. You either stand up for the rights of all women, including Palestinians, or none. There’s just no way around it.”

Now, headlines are blaring the fact that Sarsour has been selected to deliver this year’s commencement address at CUNY’s Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy on June 1 of this year. Let it be known that CUNY is part of the public university system of New York City, and the largest urban university in the United States, so our tax dollars that go to support this institution of higher learning should count for something as we collectively protest this egregious moral outrage.

If this were not bad enough, it appears that New York’s US Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand has given her own personal endorsement of Sarsour’s stance on Israel and the West by penning a highly flattering article about her and the other Women’s March organizers for the 2017 version of TIME 100 in Time Magazine.

When tweeting out the story to her followers on the social media platform, Senator Gillibrand said that it was “an honor” to write about Sarsour but failed to mention her family ties to terror organizations.

Gillibrand also dishonored the legacy of suffragettes who bravely fought for a woman’s right to vote by crafting an analogy with Sarsour in her ill conceived article for Time.

Supporting someone like Sarsour who has called for the removal of another woman’s vagina and consistently praises Sharia law in most definitely not someone who a US Senator or any elected official should endorse.   

We strongly suggest that Senator Gillibrand publicly retract the endorsement she granted to Sarsour in her puff piece in Time magazine.  The one thing we have learned is that in politics time passes quickly and before you know it, the time will come for the people of New York state to decide whether Senator Gillibrand is suited to represent them.  Ruminate on that, Senator!