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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, September 25, 2017

Eliot Spitzer is back in the papers with a publicity stunt advertising his stylish 22-story development in Brooklyn. The democrat formerly served as NY governor for fourteen months from the beginning of 2007 until March 2008, and before that as NY’s Attorney General from 1999 till 2006. He is now taking heat for an ad made for one of his rental complexes, which critics say jokes about marijuana. 

The Princeton and Harvard Graduate, who is known for having aced his SATs and LSATs, is the son of Bernard Spitzer, the real estate mogul.  Upon his 2008 resignation amidst a scandal, he returned to his roots, investing in a real estate start up. Among his projects is a new luxury rental tower at 420 Kent Avenue. The tower’s website put up the infamous advertisement featuring a birds-eye view of the high-rise waterfront rental complex. The words on the ad say, “Hi. It’s 420.” The online ad with the play on words, was released on April 20, which is America’s unofficial weed appreciation day, as per  As reported by the NY Post, “The bud-boosting motto puts a whole new spin on ‘high’ rise living.”

In 2006, while campaigning for office, Mr. Spitzer was known as a staunch opponent of legalizing medical marijuana. In 2007, he softened his position, saying he would consider legalizing the drug for medical use. Citi Habitats, which does the marketing for the tower, did not immediately comment on the ad or its implications.

The luxury Brooklyn rental complex is slated for completion next year. The project cost is estimated at $700 million. Located near the Williamsburg Bridge, the development features 857 apartments with two rooftop pools, a 400-foot waterfront esplanade, a private park, community garden and individual roof terraces directly on the East River.  Composed of three multi-dimensional glass towers and designed by ODA New York, the facility offers 20,000 SF of retail space, and over 25,000 SF of indoor amenities.

By:  Helen Zaboulani