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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, September 25, 2017

Harry Wilson is a private investor and specialist in company turnarounds.  He once ran for New York state comptroller in 2010 and even had a position on the auto-industry-crisis task force established by former President Barack Obama.  At a Queens Republican Party annual dinner last Wednesday, where he was a prominent guest, a media alert was put out naming him a “gubernatorial candidate”. This was later amended to call him, “a “possible gubernatorial candidate.”

Harry Wilson would only say, “I’m definitely exploring it,” as far as confirming whether or not he would run for governor of New York, while he has been seen at Republican party meetings across New York state. If he does choose to run for governor, he’d be opposing current New York Governor Cuomo, who is running for a third term in 2018.

Wilson apparently believes that Governor Cuomo is vulnerable on economic issues, and that he could use that to his advantage in a gubernatorial run. He does concede that Democratic Party has superior numbers of enrolled voters in New York State, however, and that running for governor as a Republican here would be a challenge.

Harry Wilson has specifically cited what he sees as a failure of Governor Cuomo’s attempts at economic-development investing upstate to create jobs and the ongoing corruption scandal that has been created as a result.  He’s not a fan of raising the minimum wage either, stating that it, “sound(s) good but cost(s) jobs.”

Basil Smikle, a New York State Democratic Party Executive Director, has dismissed Harry Wilson as “another millionaire who wants to cut taxes on the rich, stick it to the working class and has no experience at anything he’s talking about.”

Governor Cuomo, meanwhile, has been experiencing problems of his own with the aforementioned upstate economic development plans. The multibillion-dollar project is apparently bleeding investors who are being turned off by ongoing corruption probes.  IBM, for example, while being a major investor in New York State’s efforts in high-tech development projects for over 10 years, has made the decision to, “cease all new investments and additional hiring’’ involving the Governor’s plans until any corruption probes are finished, according to an IBM company source.  Another investor scared off by the corruption probe was a “major” Japanese clean-energy company that was planning to invest $1.5 billion in a project located in Binghamton, N.Y.

By: Anat Ghelber