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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Diverse Student Population Continues to Revitalize City as Grads Land Jobs in their Fields

Later this month, more than 500 students will graduate from the Jerusalem-based Hadassah Academic College (HAC), the institution in the heart of the city known especially for its diverse student population and high rate of job placements of students upon graduation. Over the last four years, the College has doubled its number of students to 4,000—it grew by 20 percent in the current academic year—and has the highest rate of student growth of any college or university in Israel.

“This has been a period of excitement and exceptional growth for Hadassah Academic College,” says Professor Bertold Fridlender, President of the College. “HAC graduates continue to land top jobs in their fields and are an integral part of the vibrancy and diversity of Jerusalem today. Our campus really is a microcosm of Israel.”

HAC’s exceptionally diverse student population includes Christian and Muslim Arabs (both Israeli and Palestinian); new immigrants from around the world; Ethiopian Jewish students; secular and ultra-orthodox Jewish Israelis; and those with special needs. Women comprise 70 percent of the student community.

The College hosts Israel's largest academic program to educate male and female ultra-Orthodox "Haredi" students toward rewarding careers in the public and private sectors. There are currently 900 students in the program. Bachelor degree tracks offered include Biotechnology; Communication Disorders (speech & hearing therapy); Computer Science; Management; Optometry; Politics and Communication. A bachelor's degree in Social Work is expected to be offered next academic year.

As the academic year concludes, HAC also notes that:

• 90 percent of students successfully complete their degree. Student focus groups attribute this to the high level of personal assistance provided to every student by both faculty and student counselors.

• Alumni surveys reveal that 85 percent of all College graduates find employment in their field of study within six months of graduation.

• For three consecutive years, a national survey of 10,000 students commissioned by the Israel National Union of Students has selected HAS as the top institution at which to study in Jerusalem.

• 50 percent of the College's students are the first in their family to pursue a college education.

HAC anticipates an increase in students next academic year as well, due in part to the scheduled opening of the College’s Helmsley Charitable Trust Interdisciplinary Science Center.

“Just by being at HAC, many students are trail blazers in their family, adds Prof. Fridlender. “They are living history. We always look for new ways to best serve them and to position them for success after graduation.”