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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, September 25, 2017

On Thursday, June 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the U.S. Senate health care bill, referring to it as an “ultra-conservative assault on New Yorkers and our values” that could really hurt the state. 

Cuomo cautioned that the bill would result in millions of New Yorkers losing their insurance coverage and cost the state billions of dollars while shattering its health care system. 

According to the Daily News, “He also blasted the Senate Republicans for accepting a ‘reckless’ House amendment pushed by Reps. Chris Collins (R-Erie County) and John Faso (R-Columbia County) that would shift the local share of Medicaid outside New York City on to the state — a move that he said would cost the state an additional $2.3 billion a year. Collins and Faso expressed ‘satisfaction’ that the Senate included their provision in its health care plan.”

Collins said, “This is important and welcome news for New Yorkers that the Senate leaders have recognized the burdens placed upon taxpayers for far too long and included our amendment to force Albany to end its unfunded mandate on New York’s counties once and for all.”

Collins and Faso’s argument is that a state budget has enough areas that could be cut that should exceed $150 billion.

Faso said, “Gov. Cuomo’s false and hysterical charges about this provision are unfortunate. Rather than false claims, Mr. Cuomo should start preparing to reform his Medicaid program.”

A lawsuit was not ruled out as on the table for Cuomo. 11 panel discussions on the future of New York health care, were also announced by the governor, to be held across the state. 

Cuomo said, “In New York, we believe that health care is a human right.”

In a tweet, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said that the Senate health care bill is “an unconstitutional attack masquerading as reform. If signed by (President Trump), I’ll sue to protect New Yorkers.”

By Mark Snyder