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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New York City Councilman David Greenfield will is not expected to seek re-election in the fall, instead pursuing a position as CEO and executive director of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish poverty, Democratic operatives cited by the New York Post said this week. 

Greenfield, a Democrat, will likely nominate his protégé Kalmen Yeger to assume his vacated seat. 

“I love being a councilman, it’s wonderful to be in the thick of things,” Greenfield, 38, said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “But part of the purpose of serving the public is to try to figure out where you can make the greatest impact.” 

In a report Monday, the Forward noted that Greenfield still requires approval from three city and state agencies, who have yet to weigh in on the matter. The Met Council itself appears to be on board with Greenfield, saying it “enthusiastically recommends [Greenfield] for approval.” The city and state agencies approval is required due to a 2013 corruption scandal which resulted in the arrest of Met Council head William Rapfogel. Rapfogel was accused of pocketing over $1,000,000 from the charity. 

As for Greenfield, the councilman wrote in an emailed statement that he is “humbled to be asked by the lay-leadership to serve as its next leader, subject to government approval, and am excited about galvanizing this critically important organization to serve our city’s neediest for years to come,” according to the Forward. Greenfield also serves as chairman of New York City’s Land Use Committee, a powerful agency which oversees zoning regulations.

The news of Greenfield’s move to the Met Council was greeted warmly by New York Building Congress President and CEO Carlo A. Scissura. 

“The New York Building Congress congratulates City Councilmember David Greenfield on being named the executive director of the Metropolitan Council of Jewish Poverty,” Scissura said, according to news site Brooklyn Eagle. 

“As chairman of the powerful Land Use Committee, David has expertly charted a course that combines a vision for economic growth with the need to safeguard and improve the quality of life of all residents throughout the five boroughs. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with David as he embarks of this important new chapter in his career.”

By: Max Rozwaski