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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Remember the Fogel family knifed to death in their home by Palestinian terrorists six years ago? The resulting furor over such a dastardly act and the many proposals offered to stem this Islamic induced violence against Jews have all but  disappeared as they usually do over time. As proof, just this past Friday, Yosef Salomon and his two children, Chaya, 46 and Elad Salomon, 36, were brutally stabbed to death in their city of Halamish home by Omar al-Abed, a 19 year old Palestinian from the nearby village of Kobar, during a shabbat celebration of the birth of a grandson. This proves that with the unrelenting incitement by PA leader Abbas and the encouragement of the world community this tide of terror has only increased. Just last week after the murder of two Israeli troopers at the Temple Mount, Israel introduced metal detectors at that site to prevent weapons from being brought into that "Holy Shrine." That prompted Mr. Abbas to whine that the Israelis were preventing Muslims from their required prayers and he further stoked his people with words of encouragement to defy the security measures. 

We must remind Abbas and our readers that not one Jewish religious service can be conducted in Gaza or in the Palestinian controlled territories because.... well, no Jews are permitted in these areas. "Yudenrein" is the law of their land. Talk of chutzpah of these Muslims who have been treated with kid gloves by the Israelis who are constantly on the defensive, standing by helplessly, seeing their soldiers, citizens and international guests being slaughtered like sheep while Palestinian leaders continue to call out for more blood-letting at the same time that they enjoy all the freedoms and comforts they definitely do not deserve. If history repeats itself, as it surely will, this latest wounded, captured jihadist, al-Abed will shortly be released in some sort of deal with the Palestinians. In the meantime, his family will happily receive the monthly payments from the PA and subsidized by U.S. taxpayers, to comfort them in his absence. There is now no incentive for these killers to cease their operations. 

 So, something has to be done quickly by Palestinian leaders to put an end to this terrorism emanating from their communities. It is they themselves who have to convince their own people to quell their murderous primitive instincts. They have to be forced into action to understand that they all will pay the penalty for more terrorist acts. They have to bear the communal responsibility for these murderous rampages that have Israelis continuing to  hold funerals for their murdered loved ones while Muslim cities and villages within and neighboring Israel go on with their normal lives unconcerned that a Jewish terrorist is lurking around the corner or sneaking into their homes armed with knives or firearms to murder them. We propose that the Israeli leadership announce that the villages or neighborhoods from which these terrorists crawl out will be given five days after any such acts of terror to vacate their homes, leave their cities and have that area demolished as a penalty for such demonic acts. It is only when the pain of punishment is felt by the communities themselves that these horrendous actions will cease. A farfetched solution that will have the entire world community screaming but one that will strike fear into the leadership of the Palestinians and perhaps it will hit home. Terror can be a two way street in the Middle East.