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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Opposes Legislative War on Morality

Dear Editor:

I was pained to see Moshe Levy’s letter to the editor regarding how Brooklyn’s Orthodox legislators have betrayed their consistencies by voting for bills that hurt the Jewish community and the moral climate of this medina shel chesed. Until then reading that letter I thought that it was only us here in Passaic, who are being fooled by Assemblyman Gary Schaer our Orthodox wolf in a sheep’s yarmulka. Assemblyman Schaer has a long history of voting for bills that hurt the Jewish community. Recently he voted to oppose sending a bill legalizing assisted suicide back to committee even though he knew they had the votes to pass it, and when the bill was voted on made sure that there was an extended period of time in order to allow an assemblyman who backed out of voting for the bill, to change his vote in order to help advance assisted suicide.

Last year in the mist of the North Carolina bathroom wars, and the liberal backlash to Mississippi’s brave new law to protect religious people from the gay assault on freedom of religion, New Jersey’s Assembly passed a bill (A3613) to penalize all state travel to those states. This was seen as an unprecedented assault on Torah values by much of the country at large. Here we have states literally going to war because one state decided that religious freedom is more important than gay rights, and women should be protected from men using their bathrooms, yet Assemblyman Schaer voted in favor of banning travel to these states effectively putting these states in cherem for not bowing to the avodah zarah of LGBT equality.

Now recently there was a vote on a bill (A4652) that would promote transgenderisim in the school system. Under this bill students would be required to call boys “she” and girls “he”, furthermore boys and girls would be required to shower together, amongst other insanities. When the bill came up in committee assemblyman Schaer voted for it, and even went out of his way to refer to a man as “maam”. After this latest move, some brave true leaders of the Jewish community who don’t get the credit they deserve, decided to send out a robocall the night before the vote before the entire assembly. Due to the political pressure Assemblyman Schaer changed his vote to vote the against the bill, however his betrayer was not over yet. The same day there was another vote on a bill (A4790) making a special LGBT license plates for cars in order to promote homosexuality for the road. Since there was no political pressure on this specific bill Assemblyman Schaer voted like his leftist cohorts in the assembly to vote for the bill, subjecting everyone to gay propaganda on the road.


Yaakov Friedman

Underlying Anti-Semitism

Dear Editor:

Americans seem to be blinded by contiguous lame attempts in every administration to placate and or negotiate with nations that embrace religious tyranny and hatred as their rule of law yet refusing to recognize that the ultimate bargaining chip seems to be at the expense of Israel and the Jews. Better to ignore missiles that claim “death to Jews” or heed foolish advice suggesting that Israel would give up some land or stop building settlements, peace will come to the Middle East. Even better, if Netanyahu will just listen to Trump like a good little puppet, Arabs and Jews can live together in perfect harmony. With the Arabs

The ultimate goal for peace it seems is to make the world Juden-Frei, rid of the Jews. If the Jews would just go away, then peace would finally emerge. Those damn Jews. Instead of saying this out loud, however, we have covered up the underlying anti-Semitism and clothed it nicely in words like, “Peace negotiations” and a “two-state solution” and “Iranian Nuclear deal” knowing full well that any of these actions would lead to the ultimate destruction of Israel, the only safe-haven for Jews worldwide, and one step closer to the eventual annihilation of Jews everywhere.


Stanley Zir

Financing the Gateway Tunnel

Dear Editor:

Release of the Federal Rail Road Administration draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Gateway Tunnel confirms continuing increases in total project cost.  "Fed Gov't Report Estimates Cost of Hudson Tunnel to Skyrocket to $13B" (Hannah Hayes -- July 14). The Gateway Tunnel would provide additional tracks for both Amtrak and New Jersey Transit connecting New Jersey to Penn Station.  Two years ago, the estimated cost grew by $3.9 billion from $20 billion to $23.9 billion, Today, the new cost estimate has grown another $5.2 billion from $23.9 billion to $29.1 billion. This most recent increase is based on the estimated cost for both the new tunnel and rehabilitated old tunnel portions of the overall project which has grown from $8.7 billion to $12.9 billion. 

This news follows United States Department of Transportation withdraw from formal membership in the Gateway Development Corporation board.  President Trump's proposed new budget confirms that there is no legal federal commitment to fund the Gateway Tunnel project.  All the Department of Transportation provided to the Gateway Development Corporation in June 2016 was to grant permission to the Project Development Phase of the Federal Transit Administration New Starts Program. This is just the first step of a long multi year process.

Recent news that the Gateway Development Corporation is looking for private developers to help pay for the $29.1 billion new Hudson River Gateway Tunnel as part of a joint public/private partnership is no surprise.  It confirms that the proposed three way federal/ New Jersey/New York $29.1 billion funding package is primarily verbal commitments and wishful thinking.  Two years later it is still not real. The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey allocation of $2.7 billion within the approved $32 billion 2017 - 2026 ten year capital plan to help finance the Gateway Tunnel is just initial seed money.  These dollars will be used toward debt service payments against a possible future federal Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing loan to the Gateway Development Corporation for this project. It has yet to be approved and will have to be paid back.  Without real financial resources from not only Washington ($14.6 billion), but also New York ($7.3 billion) and New Jersey ($7.3 billion), how will the Gateway Tunnel be paid for?   A project can't be financed by just borrowing alone.  

Transit riders may never see the Gateway Tunnel completed in their lifetime.


Larry Penner

(Larry Penner is a transportation historian and advocate who previously worked 31 years for the US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office.)