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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Caving in to terrorists' demands always results in more terror. That's not a quote from anyone but rather a statement of fact. Israel has, since its formation nearly 70 years ago, fought a losing defensive battle against terror committed within its own borders. Palestinians blowing up cafes and buses, shooting people in the streets of major cities and of course, creeping into homes and decapitating sleeping, trusting Jews in the dead of night is their game. And Israel sits back and awaits the next attack and does nothing to deter these atrocities except sometimes killing the terrorists or if only wounding them, rushing them to Israeli hospitals, patching them up, putting them on trial, sentencing them and eventually releasing them in some sort of "humanitarian" exchange of 1000 of them for one of our own. That's a recipe for another hundred years of playing at the useless game of defense. It has to end.

Just this past week, Israeli authorities closed up for Muslim worship, the Temple Mount as a result of Israeli troops being slaughtered by worshippers  who had stashed weapons in that holy place and emerged guns blazing. Then, after rioting on the part of you know who at this action of closing the mosque, they placed metal detectors at the entrances. More rioting ensued with fire bombs and rocks. Jordanian officials  and Palestinian President Abbas all whined about this business of restriction of freedom of religion (hypocrisy at its worst) and the Israeli authorities trembled and removed these metal detectors which are in loads of NYC public schools without any rioting on the part of students. 

So they got what they wanted: All security measures were removed but they're still rioting. Why? Because the Israeli concessions show that violence is the way to get what the Palestinians want. And violence leads to more concessions. That's the way it goes. To top it all off, shortly before this latest revolt began, Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich spoke at the site to "dispel misinformation" regarding Israel's sudden decision to remove the metal detectors and security cameras, claiming they were ineffective "and served no purpose." So who made the decision to install them? Who paid for the materials and installation? And why go back to the original, apparently unsolvable problem of how will Israel prevent more guns and ammo from being stashed in this "holy place" and used to murder more Jews again and again? 

We suggest to the Israeli authorities whose prime responsibility is to protect the safety and security of their people that they wake up to the fact that the worshippers at this joint are not in the business of praying but in rioting and killing Jews. That's what they hear from the Imams within this structure. What they must do to "protect and defend" their own citizens is to board up and close this place posting a sign on its front door saying: "This house of worship will be closed indefinitely until all Islamic induced and perpetrated terror ceases within the city of Jerusalem." Place the onus for stopping this terror on the Muslim leaders. Let them bear the blame and responsibility for this so called, "Repression of religion."  And if they take to the streets again with the intent to maim and murder as a result, treat them as Saudi, Iranian and Pakistani police would do to Jews who riot in their neck of the woods.