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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took aim at President Donald Trump last Thursday for the latter’s failure to deliver a $1 trillion infrastructure package, and his controversial announcement that the U.S. military will no longer accept transgender servicemembers in its ranks. The attack was noteworthy as the most direct Cuomo, a Democrat, has made against Trump, referring to the President specifically by name.

Speaking at a meeting of civic and business leaders, Cuomo said that in his view, Trump had failed to live up to his main platform of infrastructure and job creation.

“Remember the $1 trillion infrastructure proposal that he spoke about?” Cuomo (who has fueled speculation regarding a possible 2020 run) asked, according to a Crain’s report this week. “$1 trillion. Where is it? What happened to it? It was the single best idea that I heard come from his campaign, and now it's disappeared. We can't lose it. And we especially can't lose the Gateway project."

In addition to the stalled infrastructure project (unlikely to happen until next year due to other issues such as health care reform), Cuomo took aim at Trump’s apparent ban this week on transgender service members. The announcement caught the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many others, off guard, with questions swirling regarding its practical implementation.

"I think it's terrible,” Cuomo said in his remarks at the meeting. “I think it's hateful, I think it's divisive, I think it's ugly.”

“I'll tell you what I find more and more disturbing with the Trump administration—and this ultraconservative guideline—it is all based on anger and hate and division and judgmentalism, and from the very beginning, it has always been about dividing people." According to Crain’s, Cuomo’s critical remarks drew uproarious applause from his audience.

Cuomo also expressed some anxiety about the Trump administration’s sidestepping on the Gateway project, which involves the creation of a new rail tunnel across the Hudson to replace the current, decrepit one. Trump’s budget proposal cut out funding for the project, which is expected to cost $13 billion.

“New York State has stepped up and we have committed $5 billion to Gateway, and I am proud of it, and I think it's a fair investment for the state to make,” Cuomo said at the meeting, according to Politico. “But we need President Trump to fulfill the federal commitment to make Gateway a reality.”

The Governor suggested that, when it comes to the Gateway project, the Trump administration has no clearly-defined plan.

“In terms of the funding going forward, Gateway for example, I don’t know what the plan is," he observed. "I don’t think they know what the plan is."

Cuomo suggested that a failure to repair the tunnel could potentially cause “a collapse of the Northeast economy.”

The Governor blasted the rhetoric of Trump and many others on the political right as being filled with negativity and hatred.

“Get those immigrants out, put up a wall, they’re taking you,” Cuomo said, ostensibly paraphrasing Trump’s words. “All negative, all negative, all negative. [It is] cancerous to the body politic.”

By: Menachem Rephun