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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design for the first time are recipients of the prestigious “Andy Prize”. After its 10-year run, The Andy Prize – The Andrea M. Bronfman Prize For The Arts has been relaunched by her children as the Andy prize 2.0 and is taking on a new format as 3 prizes to excellent students at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. The prizes were awarded to students within the crafts’ fields of glass, ceramics and jewelry.  The prizes are named after the late Andrea Bronfman, supporter of the arts.

The three prizes of $5,000 each were given by Tony and Moira Cohen, Andy’s children to the 3 Bezalel students on the opening night of the Academy’s 2017 Graduate Exhibition. 

The prizewinners presented diverse and unique projects. 

Dana Tannhauser’s glass sculptures are so delicate they appear to be on the verge of breaking, while Alina Gochaev’s jewelry designs combine 3D printing and silverwork. Ella Gutman projects the still image of a sculptor onto an actually-spinning ceramic vase, in an exhibit which long held the audience’s attention.

"We are delighted and touched that the new Andy Prize is being awarded to outstanding Bezalel students on the cusp of their life beyond the Academy,” said Liv Sperber, vice president for international affairs at Bezalel. “Having known Andy personally, and her passion for the arts and Jerusalem, the new prize seems to be particularly fitting and most meaningful." 

All of the projects of Bezalel’s 420 graduating students can be viewed at Bezalel’s 2017 Graduate Exhibition on its Mount Scopus campus until August 4, 2017. The exhibition includes the final projects of students in fields including painting, sculpture, photography, design, jewelry, clothing, fashion accessories, installations, video and animation, ceramics, and glass work. 

Founded in 1906, the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is Israel’s oldest institution of higher education and the birthplace of Israel’s art culture. With programs ranging across the disciplines, Bezalel’s graduates influence the world through their designs utilizing the top skills instilled within them during their time at the historic art academy in Jerusalem. Bezalel offers courses in fine arts, architecture, ceramic & glass design, industrial design, jewelry & fashion design, photography, visual communications, screen based arts, urban design, and art history & theory. For more information, please visit