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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rumors have long swirled regarding a possible 2020 presidential bid by NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo. Now, however, the possibility that Cuomo will even reach a third term as Governor seems like less of a given, following a dip in two recent polls, the NYC subway crisis, a late budget, and other issues. The downturn was noted in a New York Times report Sunday, which observed that Cuomo’s governorship is facing possible challenges from Democratic Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and New York Senator John DeFrancisco, a Republican. 

"I think it's just prudent to go around and see what level of support there is," DeFrancisco, who has been touring Republican events throughout NY State, said somewhat cautiously, according to Auburn "And if there is, then I'll seriously consider it." 

As for Miner, in a July report the NY Daily News quoted the Syracuse Mayor as saying she is “taking everybody’s phone calls” regarding the possibility of a gubernatorial bid.  

“We’re at a time that people understand that the Democratic Party has to stand for something,” Miner explained. “As we’re seeing those values attacked in Washington, people in New York are saying we want to know our Democrats are holding true to our values and our progressive policies.” 

In a possible allusion to Democratic complaints that Cuomo is too soft in his attacks on President Donald Trump, Miner said she believes there is “a reason you’re hearing so many people pretty openly discussing (a primary). The governor has some explaining to do or some answers to give.” 

Zephyr Teachout, an Associate Professor of Law at Fordham University who unsuccessfully ran against Cuomo in 2014, suggested the Governor is out of touch with the mood among his fellow Democrats. 

“There’s been this massive shift in Democrats in New York, and Andrew Cuomo has no sense of that,” Teachout said, according to the NY Times report. 

Cuomo’s governorship is also overshadowed by scandals involving some of his former aides, the most notable being his former enforcer Joseph Percoco, who is currently preparing to stand trial over corruption charges.   

The prospects are bleak enough that some Democratic political consultants have gone so far as to suggest Cuomo should not seek reelection. 

“We all remember the story of Mario,” one Democratic political consultant said (in reference to Cuomo’s father, Gov. Mario Cuomo), according to Politico. “Andrew has a Republican state Senate that could hold him up for two years. Also, third terms are when problems come home to roost. His numbers are going south already.” 

As Politico noted, the consultant spoke on condition of anonymity, stating that “I like my knees,” in reference to the likelihood that Cuomo would hit back hard against him if his identity was disclosed.

By:  Asher Schlesinger