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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In has come to light that on many occasions Mayor Bill de Blasio aides were instructed by him to help out campaign contributor Jona Rechnitz, in multiple manners including his issues involving real estate. 

The Daily News reported that whenever Rechnitz and fellow developer Jeremy Reichberg would email the mayor, de Blasio would respond nearly instantly. 

On April 1, 2014, de Blasio received an email from Rechnitz recommending a new commissioner for the Department of Buildings.

According to emails revealed through a Freedom of Information Act request, the mayor responded, “I’m all ears, Jona. We’ve actually been looking for additional candidates. I’ve cc’ed my chief of staff laura santucci. Pls send the info to her as well. Thanks.”

The Real Deal reports, “On another occasion, Rechnitz emailed a top de Blasio aide as he was trying to pressure the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to buy a vacant lot he owned in Brooklyn to be the site of the NYPD’s new 70th Precinct station. He pressured City Hall to try to get ‘special attention’ because a city agency was giving him the ‘runaround’ over a tax break for a Brooklyn building he owned, and asked for help when he got hit with a violation for operating a building as an illegal hotel.”

Last month, Rechnitz skipped town bound for California. He bundled donations for the mayor’s campaign in 2013, and is scheduled to testify later this year as a key witness in an investigation by federal prosecutors into the New York Police Departments pay-to-play corruption.

After an office and retail property in Borough Park fell in foreclosure under his management, he recently lost his position as the general partner at JSR Capital.

By Charles Bernstein