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July 30th, 2016
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Lifestyle Jewcy News Jackie Mason Defends Eastwood’s ‘Empty Chair’ Act at Republican National Convention

Jackie Mason Defends Eastwood’s ‘Empty Chair’ Act at Republican National Convention

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Comedian Jackie Mason says that Clint Eastwood’s address to an empty chair at the Republican Convention (pictured above) was a successfully executed comedic act. Countering the widespread criticism of actor and director Clint Eastwood’s rambling speech at the Republican National Convention last week – in which the 82-year-old addressed an empty chair to symbolize President Obama’s failed first term – legendary comedian Jackie Mason defended the presentation as a “brilliantly conceived comedy routine.”

"These people sound like idiots to me,” Mason said during an appearance on the Aaron Klein Investigative Radio program. “They are trying to intellectualize it…because it was too much comedy. It was inappropriate, it was insulting, it was bad taste … these people are absolutely nuts!”

According to Mason – who generally espouses politically conservative ideology and has been a strong critic of the president – Eastwood intentionally acted as if he was a little frazzled so that he would not come across as being intentionally harsh. “He wanted it to sound like the meanderings of an older person who happens to be saying these things,” Mason claimed. “And this was so artfully, perfectly conceived.”

Mason said the reaction of the audience in the Tampa, Florida arena to Eastwood’s performance demonstrated that the movie icon was right on target. “If 3,000 people love something and they think it’s a sensation and they are laughing their heads off and one commentator decides it’s a flop, who would you listen to?” queried Mason. “Each one of his lines had a huge, insane laugh. The audience loved every minute of it. If you read it, you’ll find every joke was exactly to the point.”

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