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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, September 25, 2017

NYS Lawmakers Write to Joe Lhota

Dear Editor: 

New York State Assembly member Jeffrey Dinowitz and 45 of his colleagues recently signed a letter to Metropolitan Transportation Authority chairman Joe Lhota expressing concern about declining bus service and ongoing transit crises.  Perhaps they are unaware of many bus capital projects funded under the ongoing MTA Five Year $32 billion 2015 - 2019 Five Year Capital Plan.    

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York City Transit previously awarded contracts for $200 million to purchase and install a new bus radio system along with $150 million for purchase and installation of a new East New York Brooklyn Bus Command Center.  Although both projects are already several years behind schedule (what else is new!), riders will eventually see benefits from completion of both the Bus Radio System and Command Bus Center.  

They will support operations of over 6,000 buses providing service in all five boroughs.  Once in use, they will support proper dispatching and monitoring of service which assist in avoiding bus bunching.    

Transit signal improvements affording buses priority movement on streets saving riders time involves the cooperation and financial support of NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Boarding of buses in both the front and back

has other issues to contend with. While riders are encouraged to exit in the rear, many depart via both the front and back doors.  Conflicts will arise between riders attempting to board via both front and back door versus those wanting to exit.  How many times have you been delayed by riders who fumble around trying to find their Metro Card, attempt to use a Metro Card with insufficient fare or look for right amount of lose change resulting in more delays before a bus can depart the stop?

MTA NYC Transit as part of the $32 billion 2015 - 2019 Five Year Capital Plan are also in the process of spending $1 billion for purchasing over 1,000 new buses. MTA Bus has programmed $300 million to buy over 400 new buses serving neighborhoods around NYC.

In the end, quality and frequency of service is dependent upon secure revenue streams. We all have to contribute — be it at the fare box or tax revenues generated by different levels of government redistributed back to the MTA. 

TANSTAFFL or “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” or in this case a free ride.


Larry Penner 

(Larry Penner is a transportation historian and advocate who previously worked 31 years for the US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office) .

Doing The Right Thing in Lakewood

Dear Editor: 

For the last few months the Lakewood community has been the focus of media attention throughout New Jersey.  The comments on social media are frightening.  We are portrayed as tax evading swindlers. We have been portrayed as opportunistic carpetbaggers that are taking advantage of an entire region with only our own needs in mind. It has been a very rough few months.  The rhetoric could sometimes remind us of old Nazi propaganda films. 

Images from Der Ewige Jude of Jews working towards world domination are not so different than the images being portrayed about the Lakewood Jewish community.  These recent events emboldened the already numerous Neo Nazi organizations in our area . Flyers were distributed on cars warning of the awful influence the Jewish community has brought to New Jersey.  The reaction of our self appointed VAAD

was swift.  They quickly blamed a few “Bad Apples”, effectively removing themselves from any accusations.

The community response to the VAAD response was mostly unanimous.  We were shocked and dismayed that in interview after interview there was no defense of the mostly innocent victims of an overzealous prosecution of mistakes made reporting income. No VAAD member mentioned that many of the accused were truly people facing financial or medical hardships and had done nothing wrong intentionally.  Whether the reason was fear of their own prosecution or a hesitancy to question people they need favors from, the end result was they did not do their job. A community VAAD is supposed to be there for the communities’ needs, and they failed miserably. 


Harold Hershkowitz

Anti-Semitism on the Rise

Dear Editor:

The other day innocent civilians were murdered by Arab terrorists in Israel while sitting at their Shabbat meal. Most of the liberal media did not report on this incident and certainly except for the Jews, I doubt most of the world cares. We have learned nothing from the Holocaust. The world sat in silence while six million died. The NY Times and London Times, even though they knew mass murder was occurring by the end of 1942, wrote very little about it. Instead of protesting about the separation of men and women praying at the kotel and threatening to hold back donations to Israel, liberal Jews should protest the anti Semitism and anti Zionism prevalent throughout the world. 

If you look at the various newspapers we

see stories about Lakewood pious Jews and Medicare fraud. The story is repeated over and over. Last week the same story regarding an Orthodox Jew molesting a child was blasted daily in the local secular newspaper. In both cases, what the Jews did was a desecration, however the responses by readers are totally anti-Semitic. Politicians believe that Jared & Ivanka run the White House and are making a fortune. Read today’s papers. Jews, are you blind? Don’t you recognize that anti-Semitism is rising daily. While it is nice to join with Muslims for Shabbat dinner, it is nicer to protect our fellow Jews when they are massacred at their own Shabbat dinner.


Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg