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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned by President Trump after being convicted by a federal judge who found the Arizona law enforcement official guilty of being in contempt for continuing to have his officers enforce immigration laws that the Obama administration deemed illegal. That’s called by the Left, 

“Racial Profiling.” If you go after illegals, that’s illegal, they say. Sheriff Joe, as he’s familiarly called, is a hard liner on illegal immigration and ordered his deputies to aggressively search out and report illegal aliens to the federal government. The judge who had found him guilty, Susan Bolton, was a Bill Clinton appointee and a proponent of going easy on illegals. In other words, he was railroaded by a Leftist judge who refused to give him the right to be judged by his peers, namely a jury. She assumed that role. He never had a fighting chance.

And Progressive groups together with the loyal Democrat controlled media jumped all over Trump for releasing a criminal whom they claim deserved the punishment. The guy is now 85 years old, a Korean veteran and has been in law enforcement for over 65 years. Strange that the media and those who were shocked by the release of Arpaio never uttered a whimper of complaint when President Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, who had fled the nation and our court system after stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from investors. And not much was made of the fact that Rich’s ex-wife donated nearly one half million dollars to the Clinton Library as payoff money for that action. Clearly a bribe. Nor did the Progressives flinch when Big Bill pardoned FALN terrorists who murdered Americans, as a ploy to sway Puerto Rican voters to cast their ballots for his wife, then considering running for a Senate seat in NY. And not much noise was made when President Obama freed five murderous Taliban terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for an American soldier who was a deserter. 

So let’s get back to Sheriff Joe. The initial racial profiling suit that led to his conviction was political prosecution. The judge in that case refused to recuse himself based on the fact that his brother-in-law was a partner in the law firm that represented those suing Arpaio. The decision to criminally prosecute Arpaio was taken while the DOJ was run by guess who.... Loretta Lynch, the gal who spent a half hour with Bill Clinton on some tarmac as a result of a gazillion to one chance airport meeting “discussing family matters” while their respective super jets were spewing tons of CO2 into the air waiting for them to finish their non-political discussions.

We wish Sheriff Joe well and to live his life out in peace knowing he tried his best to protect and defend the citizens under his jurisdiction. And we pray as well that America wakes up to the threat of illegal immigration that threatens to overwhelm our cities, schools, hospitals, prisons and workplaces. Our municipalities will surely pay the same price as Europe for their stupidity in welcoming in millions of undocumented aliens.