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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, September 25, 2017

As New Yorkers gear up for yet another primary and general election season their voting choices for mayor, city council, public advocate, borough president, district attorney and comptroller remain overwhelming on the Democratic side of the proverbial aisle. While this should come as no surprise to any died-in-the-wool New Yorker who understands that their city has gained a reputation for maintaining a solid blue presence since its governmental formation; it is also clear that not everyone residing in the Big Apple has signed on to the progressive, liberal agenda that has dominated the political stratosphere.

It appears that well intentioned Republican/Conservative candidates vying for elected office often hit a dead end when it pertains to getting their message agenda across to voters. Speculation has run rampant on the abysmal failure of the Republican party to provide succor to their candidates with sufficient financial and communications support. One thing however is for certain. Republican candidates, their donors and the party they represent have consistently spurned the assistance of one their natural allies in the battle for liberty and individual freedoms. The right-wing and conservative Jewish media for one is not convinced that that the alleged inability of Republican candidates to achieve victory at the polls is a fait accompli.

For well over a decade, the Jewish Voice and other Jewish publications whose readers have  a clear comprehension that the Democratic agenda runs counter to their belief system and often stands in opposition to the welfare of their communities have striven to publicize Republican candidates and their message.  In return, not only have the candidates virtually relegated the influence of the Jewish media to the trash heap  but have lost sight of the fact that its pages are read by prominent opinion makers who hold tremendous sway within the political hierachy of the city.

In the last New York City mayoral race that saw public advocate Bill deBlasio sail to victory in a contentious race, the Jewish Voice had vocally endorsed and regularly publicized the candidacy of former MTA  chairman Joe Lhota. Due to the incisive coverage given to Lhota, he won the Republican nomination and beat supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis.  While Lhota did not win the mayoral race, pundits across the political divide have acknowledged the fact that the exposure Lhota was given in the Jewish and Conservative media, helped catapult him to the GOP nomination.

Congressman Michael Grimm (R-SI) is a name that we may all be familiar with but not for the reasons that we would hope. Prior to the revelation of the charges leveled against him, Mr. Grimm was not only a pillar of the community but a congressman who truly cared about his constituents in Staten Island and Brooklyn. He labored assiduously to ensure that legislation was passed to help the communities that he served. Mr. Grimm’s campaign was given the “wind beneath its wings” by the maximum visibility provided by the Jewish Voice.

After repeated attempts to elicit a concrete reply from the GOP movers and shakers in the New York City area as to why they have displayed recalcitrance as it pertains to creating working partnerships with friendly press, no such answer has been forthcoming. This leads one to believe that the reasons for this significant communications impediment may run far deeper and more cryptic than any one of us originally thought