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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Supreme Court rejects petition to force investigations against PM Netanyahu in submarine affair. 'Court does not replace law enforcement.'

The Supreme Court in Israel on Sunday rejected the petition of left-wing activist Abie Benjamin - who had demanded that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu be investigated over the submarine affair.

Benjamin, one of the organizers of the left-wing demonstrations outside the home of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in Petah Tikva, demanded that the Supreme Court compel the legal authorities to summon the prime minister for interrogation under caution.

Benjamin claimed in the petition that the information on the submarine affair which has been published to date in the media, justifies the opening of an investigation against the prime minister. He also claimed that the decision not to investigate Netanyahu was "extremely unreasonable."

Supreme Court Justice Yitzhak Amit rejected the petition and wrote in the ruling that "in recent times the petitions brought before us have been even more far-reaching... We are currently witnessing petitions that seek to instruct the police and the State Attorney's Office as to how to conduct the investigation while it is still in full swing."

Addressing the petition, Justice Amit said that "the petitioner pretends to give his advice to the police and to the State Attorney's Office on how to conduct the investigation."

"This court does not replace the investigative and law enforcement authorities, and it does not act as a 'supreme legal advisor' or as an 'investigating judge,'" he added.

"Of course, once a decision is made in this matter, the petitioner has the right to appeal again to this court, all in accordance with the law and the criteria established in case law," he clarified. 

By: A7 Staff