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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Like primitive man's obsession with a comet's trail streaking across the heavens, the madness of Political Correctness has captivated the attention of this country's progressives to the point that their mindless attempts to correct any social injustices they deem hurtful to them are perceived as threats to our future existence as a nation. They are blinded by the need to clean house of all the memories of what they consider at any given moment as past hatred against a specified group. And the key is that they consider themselves the final judges on such matters. 

So, let's take a gander at the madness now growing by leaps and bounds in South Florida's Broward County, an area of over 2,200 square miles, with a population of over 2 million and growing at more than 10 percent a year. It boasts the city of Fort Lauderdale, an international airport and ocean beaches to die for. Its namesake was a guy named Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, who served as the state's governor from 1905 to 1908. And that's the rub. Some of Gov. Browards' writings dating back to his years in office that  called for blacks to have their own separate and independent nation within the United States were discovered in some ancient archive in September and now a growing movement has popped up to remove a statue of his that sits in front of the county's courthouse. 

To throw a bit of fuel to the slowly simmering fire of political correctness, the black Mayor of County, Barbara Sharief, was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel as follows: "We need to decide as a community what we are going to do about these daily reminders of a painful history of segregation and repression." She then added that she would be open to discussions about renaming the county if it's what people wanted to do. There you go! Pandora's box in Broward County has now been opened up. Just the thought of renaming countless buildings, changing maps, birth certificates, letterheads and a million other official do-overs is absolutely mind boggling. Logic is not in this equation.

But this sort of lunacy has been evidenced in our own backyard. Going back about 10 years ago, it was discovered that Corbin Place, a street in the Manhattan Beach section of Brooklyn, was named after an Austin Corbin who actually owned the area in the late 1800's and was a renowned anti-Semite who banned Jews from living there. Manhattan Beach is now practically all Jewish with homes ranging in price upwards of over one million dollars on the street named for him. He also served as the Secretary of the American Society for the Suppression of Jews. The furor over changing the name of the street died out after the residents of that block found other things to worry about. 

We call on all sane Americans to concentrate on keeping this nation together and to cease and desist from our mishigoss which seems to want to pull us apart and to have face offs pitting one race against another, ethnicity against ethnicity and class against class. Let's be proud of where we are and accept and protect the history of this great nation that provides us all with the liberty and freedom to speak our minds, even though we may sometimes appear to have lost the latter.