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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Quick, where is Catalonia located? No, it's not in California but rather a semi-autonomous region within the Kingdom of Spain. It sits the most eastern part of that nation, resting right alongside the Mediterranean Ocean. It's been in the news recently because the people of that area desired to free themselves of Spanish rule and become an independent state. But the Spanish authorities had, for years, turned thumbs down  such a proposal, leading to a referendum vote just completed this past Sunday, in which the residents of Catalonia actually voted to secede. And according to the Catalonian representatives, 90 percent of the ballots cast were for independence with 2,020,144 voting "Yes" and only 176,144 voting "No."

 So, where are we going with this. Spain, along with other nations have for what seems an untold number of years have totally supported an independent Palestinian state carved out of the state of Israel. And many of them, including Spain have squashed peoples in their own nations from being independent from their Mother states. Turkey bombs separatist leaning Kurdish villages and Iraq is totally opposed to Kurdistan's referendum for independence. Russia invaded the Ukraine in what appears to be an attempt to place it back into the Soviet's domain. England went to war against Argentina in order to retain control of the Falkland Islands that lay about 2,000 miles from its own shores. But they all, totally argue at the UN and in their own legislative halls for Israel to grant Palestine their own state. 

Big difference here with these other nations and Israel and Palestine. Israel's Deputy Prime Minister slammed Madrid's shoutdown of the referendum's outcome, making note of Spain's endless support for Palestinian statehood. "For many years Spain lectured us about how we need to give national rights to the Palestinian Arabs. Today we see their hypocrisy, as Spain didn't even want to allow the Catalans to hold a referendum on independence." In other words, when it comes to the advice and lecturing of European leaders to Israel, the lesson is "Do as I say, and not as I do." Of course, there is a big difference between the Spanish thing with the Catalonians and Israel with the Palestinians. The Catalans are citizens of Spain. The Palestinians have no such relationships with Israel. The Catalans are not terrorists, they do not kill other Spaniards nor do they call for the destruction of their homeland. The Catalans are a united people and the Palestinians are made up of factions such as Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, their ruling areas separated by Israel who is their announced enemy. The Catalans have not sworn to destroy Spain once their nation is up and running. The Palestinians have given their word that once they are independent, they will continue to call for and actually make war on Israel. 

When all is said and done, those nations that have endlessly called for an independent Palestinian state have turned thumbs down on their own citizens who wish to secede from them. It's too bad that these countries cannot and will not admit that the Palestinians, whose cause they hold so dear are nothing more than terrorists who have absolutely no desire to be a peace-loving neighbor to Israel and who have not yet shown any capability of ruling themselves. Perhaps, many years from now when they become civilized and cast off their brutality they will earn the right to rule themselves. But until then, let them stew in their own juices and try to learn how to be a human rights loving, freedom caring and friendly nation not only to Israel but to the world.