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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, October 21, 2017

It did not take long for the predatory vultures of academia to start plucking away at the victims of the Las Vegas massacre in order to make hay in their arenas of perverted Progressive politics. And of course, in the world of the college classrooms in which they rule supreme, their lies, untruths and false innuendoes are now resonating and taking shape in order to breed the next generation of "elite" radicals. And that takes us to perch of Professor Tessa Ong-Winkelman, obviously of Asian heritage, at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, just a short flight from the scene of the recent massacre. 

She was recently secretly videotaped in her classroom lecturing her captive audience blaming the rhetoric of President Trump for the shootings. "Right when he got elected, I told my classes, three semesters ago, that some of us won't be affected by this presidency, but others are going to die. Other people will die because of this." One wonders if she also, back in 2008, after the election of Barack Obama to the presidency offered up similar prophesies to the eventual slaughters to take place under his watch at Fort Hood, San Bernardino, the Boston Marathon, the Orlando night club, Aurora in Colorado, the D.C. Naval Yard, at Overland Park, at Umpqua College or the weekly body counts in Chicago? Did she lecture her students to the fact that Obama's words and actions resulted in his hands being bloodied by the above tragedies? 

Or did his outright support of Black Lives Matter result in the shooting deaths of police by blacks who were under his influence as a "person of color" role model? That his handling of the "ISIS junior varsity,"  his coddling of Palestinian terrorists or his arming of the Mexican druglords with hundreds of fully automatic weapons resulted in thousands dying? Or that his wimpiness at the hands of the North Koreans or Iranians relating to their acquiring and threatening us with atomic weaponry would make all of the above catastrophes look like a stroll through the park?  Of course not. Liberals in their ivory towers always view the world with their blinkers only permitting them to selectively view the world from their southpaw slant. Objectivity in their private spheres of influence is kryptonite to their cause. 


And their cause is to influence, intimidate and bully their captive audiences composed of young, unsophisticated teen-agers to accept and swallow the mantra of the far-Left in order to continue the destruction and moral decay of this nation. For a student to rebuff a prof would result in a grade suicidal for graduate school entry. To clear thinking parents of the students sitting in the seats of Prof. Ong-Winkelman's lecture halls, why settle for this worthless education that comes at the price of about $21,000 per year?