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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, October 21, 2017

For the first time since 2009, the New York Yankees have seen an increase in revenues from ticket and suite sales this year. 

Crain’s news reported, “Led by stars Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, the team generated $236 million in tickets and suite sales over the just-completed regular season, according to calculations by Crain's that a Yankees spokeswoman confirmed. That's a modest increase over last year's $231 million, which marked the seventh straight season of decline, according to disclosures provided to Yankee Stadium bondholders. Arresting the drop surely pleases the Steinbrenners and Yankee management, although ticket and suite revenues nonetheless remain 40% below peak levels, reflecting a decline of around $150 million.”

According to Forbes, the Yankees annual revenue is $526 million. Approximately half of this total revenue taken in by the team can be attributed to ticket and suite sales. The remainder comes from the team’s share of Major League Baseball's TV contracts with ESPN, Turner and Fox, as well as its 20% stake in the Fox-owned YES Network. 

If the Yankees can come up with some great wins in the playoffs, then it should significantly help boost the ticket and suite sales for the team this year and possibly in future seasons. High ticket prices and poor performance by the Yankees on the field is what has led to the fall in attendance. Since 2010, attendance AT Yankees games has decreased by 600,000, although the team still is one of the top attraction of the MLB. This year the team has given more discounts on tickets to fill the seats in the stadium. It offered tickets at half-price for certain nights, $10 grandstand seats for every game in addition to other promotions. 

In the future, Yankee fans can expect to pay more for tickets, despite how the team does this month. Last month, season-tickets holders were informed by the Yankees that prices are raising 10% next year, in part due to the team charging more for the most popular games. There will also be an extra weekend played at home in 2018. The team’s spokeswoman said that these increases will be balanced by other ticket plans, which include less sought-after games, decreasing in price.

By Mark Snyder