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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Members of a Los Angeles synagogue were infuriated last week when Jona Rechnitz, a disgraced real estate developer and crooked donor to Mayor de Blasio, donated over $30,000 so that he and his father could participate in the Yom Kippur services on Saturday, October 1.

Sources told The Post that Rechnitz was permitted to pick up the Torah while his father read aloud from the holy Jewish text. According to the sources, an honor purchased for the rabbi by Rechnitz was included in the more than $30,000.

Rechnitz’s “pricey piety” upset one congregant so much that he slammed down his prayer book, and left the Yeshivat Yavneh temple to go worship somewhere else, sources told The Post. 

One source at the synagogue told The Post, “There’s no shame, nothing. No regrets, no calming down. To just come in and spend $30,000 on honors is a sense of arrogance and entitlement. I think that he’s ruined so many peoples’ lives and he’s sitting here just trying to pretend that nothing is wrong.”

The Post reports, “A congregant also described how Rechnitz previously showed off by bringing real-estate-agent brothers Josh and Matt Altman — stars of the Bravo cable network’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’ series — to the synagogue after he returned to LA this past summer. The Altmans, who sell multi-million-dollar homes in West Los Angeles, didn’t return a request for comment. Rechnitz, who founded New York City firm JSR Realty, gained notoriety last year by agreeing to serve as a key witness in several public-corruption probes. Rechnitz scored that gig by admitting he bribed two NYPD cops and acted as the middleman for a hedge-fund manager seeking to bribe a union official. He also admitted to paying off a de Blasio fund-raiser, identified by sources as Ross Offinger, in exchange for official favors, but the feds opted against charging the mayor or anyone around him following a lengthy probe. Rechnitz’s reputation took a further hit when details emerged about his dealings with alleged Ponzi schemer Jason Nissen, a former city teacher who was busted in May in a $70 million scam involving tickets to ‘Hamilton and the Super Bowl.”

Rechnitz made nearly $8 million off his wealthy friends through his allegedly fraudulent ticket business, according to civil court documents. 

On October 23, Rechnitz is due to come back to New York City to testify at the trial of the city Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association’s former head Norman Seabrook, who allegedly accepted bribes to send a hedge fund union funds. Rechnitz is supposed to testify about his part in the alleged scheme to a Manhattan federal jury. The scheme involved Seabrook receiving $65,000 in cash in exchange for his promised investment in Murray Huberfeld’s hedge fund Platinum Partners.

By Hannah Hayes