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August 30th, 2016
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Defense War on Terror Hezbollah Agent who Plotted against Peres gets 7 Years in Jail

Hezbollah Agent who Plotted against Peres gets 7 Years in Jail

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On Tuesday, April 9, the Haifa District Court Tuesday sentenced Milad Hatib, an Arab from the Galilee village of Majd el Krum, to seven years in jail for assisting Hezbollah, the Lebanese Iranian proxy terror organization.

Hatib signed a plea bargain in which he admitted to contact with a foreign agent, plotting to assist the enemy during wartime and providing services to an illegal organization. He had provided Hezbollah with information regarding the security arrangements during a visit by President Shimon Peres at Majd el Krum, and had spied on IDF sites.

Hatib was recruited into working with Hezbollah by a resident of Denmark whom he met in Turkey. He was asked to collect information about strategic sites and about Arab figures who have ties with Zionist parties. The judges’ sentencing statement notes that “the defendant agreed to collect the information out of awareness that his actions will help the organization in its war against Israel, and did so with intent to assist it in this.”

In July of 2012 Hatib went to Turkey in order to meet his contact, a man named Barhan, and gave him details regarding the locations of a military base with a hidden weapons store, two factories that produce weapons and fortified weapons stores that are located on a mountainside. Additionally, he provided information on Arab public officials who often host higher government officials.

He was asked to measure the distances from his home to these locations, to take photographs of strategic sites and to gather information on the security arrangements for protection of various officials. He agreed to collect the information but did not want to take a camera from Barhan for fear of being caught.

Hatib collected information on President Shimon Peres’ visit to Majd el Krum in August of 2012, including the number of security men assigned to Peres, the number of vehicles in his motorcade and security arrangements.

Peres said in that visit that he was “ashamed” of the Jews who carried out what the press called a “lynch attack” against an Arab in Jerusalem.

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