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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is allegedly paying a firm to deliver “supporters” to his rallies and press eventsNew York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is allegedly paying a firm to provide him with “supporters” at some events, a source has told the New York Post.

Weiner allegedly paid the California firm “Crowds on Demand” to deliver paid actors to some events.

“The source said surrogates for Weiner approached the Santa Monica-based company days after Indiana native Sydney Leathers came forward to say that Weiner had continued his digital dalliances after resigning from Congress,” the paper reported.

The source said the Weiner campaign used the company “several times,” including at the Aug. 11 Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan, where it is alleged a number of actors were paid $15 an hour to make up a crowd of his supporters.

The actors were asked by the campaign to seem “like either supporters or people who met him and became supporters as a result of that encounter,” the source told the Post. “The people would initially be skeptical and then they ask him various questions but would appear then to be convinced by his spiel.”

Weiner spokeswoman Barbara Morgan told the Post, “We’ve never heard of this company and certainly never used them.”

“We are proud we’ve always had the biggest and most fired-up crowds,” she said, according to the Post. “That’s enthusiasm the other campaigns just can’t buy.”

Weiner, 49, resigned from Congress in June 2011 following his infamous “sexting” scandal in which he sent lewd photos of himself to various women he met online.  Prior to resigning, Weiner was seen as a frontrunner in the mayor’s race.  Armed with a hefty war chest, Weiner decided to enter the race as he attempted to remake his tarnished image, most notably with a large profile in The New York Times in which he painted himself as a loyal family man.

According to the latest polls, Weiner finishes near the bottom of the Democratic contenders for mayor, with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio now in the lead, followed by former Comptroller William Thompson and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

The primary will be held on Tues., Sept. 10.