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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Revelers enjoyed the Matzo Ball, held at Capitale in Manhattan.Its promotional materials dub it as "the nation's premier Jewish singles event." This isn’t just any Christmas Eve party, this is the New York City’s annual Matzo Ball, which this year hosted 1,100 Jewish singles to the holiday party at Capitale in Manhattan on Tuesday, December 24, 2013. The event was first created founded 27 years ago by the Society of Young Jewish Professionals, which works year-round to plan and promote the party.

The Matzo Ball website states that  it is nondenominational. But as the name of the event implies, it is aimed at individuals who are not celebrating Christmas, and young Jewish singles in particular.

While this event occurred in downtown Manhattan, there were Matzo Ball events going on simultaneously in Miami and San Francisco in addition to 10 other cities, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"There's a lot of like-minded people dressed up to have a good time, network, find their mate," The event’s producer, Nelly J. Rosenking, who has managed the party for the last 12 years and seen 15 marriages as a result of her party, told the Journal during the event. "It's a great meeting ground."

The price of the affair may seem steep at $40 when a cash bar still follows, but the website explains why it’s worth the price. Mainly, the party has lead to, just as promoter Rosenking explained, "innumerable friendships, hookups and marriages." However, the party goers that spoke to the Journal weren’t there to meet a mate but to spend a holiday evening with friends, and alcohol.

"If I weren't here I'd be drinking at home," Shauna Goodgold, an aspiring actress and tech startup employee, told the Journal."Or watching movies, eating ice cream, getting fat and that's about it."

Another “young Jewish professional,” Tufts University student Licole Paroly, told the Journal, "We're just here to have fun!” Paroly and her friends were home for winter break and if it wasn’t the Matzo Ball they attended, they told the Journal they certainly would have spent time with her friends somewhere – she was not stating in on her school break.

"We live in New York," Paroly explained, "and this is kind of the event to go to on Christmas Eve."