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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017

As Israel continues to wage a ground offensive against the incessant rocket fire by the terrorist Hamas organization in Gaza, each day residents of Israel’s southern cities, along with Tel Aviv and Jerusalem still take cover in shelters as the red alert sirens blare with ever increasing frequency.

As we know, the US backed and Israeli made Iron Dome missile defense system has saved countless lives in ways that hitherto, were never thought possible. As villages, towns and cities throughout Israel were the target of Hamas rockets, Iron Dome intercepted the overwhelming majority of them and thus has been described as the most effective defense system ever developed.

Having said that, we are cognizant of the fact that Israel fights a war on many fronts.  The decades long battle waged by the media against the Jewish state has now reached a new and most dangerous pinnacle.  In their attempts to administer a public relations thrashing to Israel through a litany of vile lies and gross distortions of facts and evidence concerning Israel’s role in civilian deaths in Gaza, the mainstream media has emerged as a well oiled propaganda machine with a pernicious agenda of relegating truth and objectivity to the trash heap.

Today, absolutely no delineation exists between the mainstream media (i.e. The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, etc) and a very vocal and patently anti-Israel network such as Al-Jazeera in terms of their reportage on the war in Gaza. While in years past, one could sense a vague and very slight distinction in coverage between the mainstream press and the outlets of our enemies that no longer rings true.  Unfortunately, they are one in the same.

We do note, however, our profound gratitude for those media outlets that have the doughtiness to report the truth about Israel’s role in this war such as FOX, the Wall Street journal, Salem Communications, The Weekly Standard, The Blaze, etc.

This media war on Israel must be addressed in the same manner in which the Iron Dome confronts and destroys Hamas rockets aimed at Israel from Gaza.  Because you are loyal and stalwart supporters of Israel, we are sure that you share our outrage and indignation over the arrogant mendacity of the media and the tendentious climate that they have intentionally manufactured to skewer Israel at every opportunity.

We ask you to join us in creating our own defense strategy called the “Iron Dome International” media campaign. Who are we?? We are the impartial media who understands the veracity of Israel’s commitment to democracy, justice and peace and are unafraid to expound upon it in the public arena. We are the media who understands that the public relations war on Israel is not limited to acrimonious demonstrations by pro-Hamas apologists but rather is driven by a vociferously anti-Semitic campaign. We are organizations and individuals who are not only livid over the one-sided pro-Hamas coverage, but are acutely aware that the world sits in abject silence as they imbibe the spurious media reports, while admitting that they are aware of the multitude of falsehoods being foisted upon them.

Our only option in pushing back against the media combatants is to coalesce into one united force for imparting the truth.  Our objective is to establish an “Iron Dome” of our own. It will deflect the toxic arsenal of the mainstream media and help to disabuse the world of the fraudulent notions of Israel that are spewed forth on a daily basis.

We take this moment to heap accolades on such organizations as CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting) and Honest Reporting, among others who have already taken up the gauntlet in courageously confronting the blatantly biased reports against Israel that have appeared in such iconic publications as The New York Times and others of that ilk.  Their tireless work has proved to be invaluable and for that and much more they deserve our deepest gratitude.

Yet and still, in these tumultuous times of war, when Israel in under the proverbial global microscope, a need arises for each of us to rise up in their own capacity to challenge the erroneous reports on Israel that are churned out by the adversarial press with lightning speed.

We have every intention of dedicating our time and resources to the regular issuance of corrected reports to the general public and to the media.  Initiating our own reports on the war updates (with information provided to us by verifiable sources) will also be critical to our success. Now, more than ever, we need your input. Let’s work as a team so that we can play a role in counteracting the assault on Israel from the front of the Fourth Estate..