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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, August 24, 2017

JV Editorial

Guess what? Our Mayor, Bill deBlasio is tinkering with the idea of running for the presidency. Has he really thought out this move? Is he getting his political advice from those silly sycophants surrounding him whose jobs are to constantly inflate his already huge six foot five ego? No matter how mostly disregarded he is by those in the Big Apple, he is barely known beyond the Hudson River. And right within his own state he must overcome the presidential ambitions of party mates Governor Cuomo and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who both are now poised to run for the top seat in the nation and are accumulating huge war chests to fuel their ambitions. Add to these obvious deterrents is the fact that no mayor has ever jumped directly from a City

Very frankly, we are sick and tired of the piles of bubkis concerning the "failures" of the Trump administration that are growing higher and higher with each Leftist Fake News Day. So we'll get right to the point and give our readers a short list of DJT's accomplishments in only 7 sitting months of his presidency. And all of it consummated with some of his own party's defiance and total Democrat resistance and obstruction. Here they are, short and sweet. He's responsible for:

1) The

This past weekend, a bunch of white supremist thugs marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, protesting the removal of some Confederate statues. As repugnant and vile as these people and their ideas are, they are guaranteed the right to assemble and picket peacefully by our Constitution. By all accounts the white racists had permits to demonstrate. Their protest was met by a bunch of highly organized thugs representing the radical Left who broke through police lines to attack the Unite the Right

Dear Editor

Last night I posted my support for Trump on a site that I did not realize was extremely to the left or liberal. A few lessons learned: The liberals on the site will never accept Mr. Trump no matter what he says. This morning, listening to the TV news, all I heard was criticism of the president.

As you know, I am a product of the Holocaust, having lost most of my family including two siblings to the Nazi murderers. Those on this vicious liberal site were told this by me, yet they

The recent incident in Virginia has overshadowed international news and to the average citizen the threats to our nation and the democracies in the western Pacific by North Korea (NOKO) have all but disappeared.  

Throw in the daily repetition over the years of Iran's promises to destroy Israel and wreak destruction throughout the Middle East and you come to realize the short attention span of the average American. We have taken our eyes off the real problems to our nation's security.  Our