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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, April 23, 2017

JV Editorial

How did Israel win the 1967 war? And what stopped the Iraqis and Syrians from achieving devastating nuclear weaponry? Simple..... Israel's brilliant use of pre-emptive military strategy which was to attack Egypt before becoming victims themselves. Years later in 1981 Israel's airpower destroyed the Iraqi Osirak nuclear plant and in a nearly carbon copy strike in 2007 they demolished the Syrian Al Kibar atomic facility before they were operational. One can only shudder at the prospects of Israel's Prime Ministers at those times, Levi Eshkol and Ehud Olmert, respectively, delaying these attacks and even canceling them out of fear of international rebuke and condemnation. Both of these leaders understood that the first responsibility of a

Advocate for Both Feminism and Zionism

Dear Editor:

Jewish feminists who support Israel feel unwelcome in progressive groups which claim that Zionism and feminism are mutually exclusive (do not intersect). Jewish feminists can explain that Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. Zionism does not imply agreement with all policies of the current Israeli government. I suggest that Jewish feminists should urge the progressive groups to have their platforms advocate

With each passing day, we are undoubtedly horrified to open a newspaper or turn on our televisions lest we be subjected to shocking headlines that frighten us to the core. Geo-political instability, internecine warfare, the rise of ISIS, dastardly chemical attacks upon innocent civilians, incessant vitriol being spewed forth against Israel and the West are just some of the issues that rock our normally stable and in some  cases, sedate lives.

As a Jews however, we are spending our time these

The meeting this past Monday at the White House between President Trump and Egypt's President, Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi may have signaled a new realignment of the Middle East. We may now contemplate a vital military coalition consisting of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and....Israel. Who'd have ever thought of that just a couple of years ago? This new possible partnership would be a direct result of  Obama's incredible push for his Iranian nuclear deal that encouraged that terrorist nation to scare

NY Doc is NOT a Chozer Teshuva 

Dear Editor:

In the March 24th issue of the Voice, on page 9, is an article regarding a "Once Prominent NY Doctor Files for Bankruptcy, Blames Ex".  Although the story of one spouse blaming the other for his/her woes is not unique, I am surprised that the Voice ran an article on someone who has for many years, prominently touted his embracing of Christianity.  I am not aware of Dr. Braverman being a chozer teshuva. 

There are plenty of stories that can be