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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, February 19, 2017

JV Editorial

Lately, we've all been privy to the hullabaloo relating to President Trump's call for a short term hiatus of refugees entering this country from a few nations in the Middle East. This edict has set up a firestorm of protests claiming that this decision was directed at Muslims who wish to enter this country claiming to be victims of guess what?...Muslim terror. This past Sunday a rally was held in challenge to this proclamation. So let's quote directly from the organization behind this mobilization of so called do-gooders: "On Sunday, Mayor de Blasio will headline the Jewish Rally for Refugees to be held in Battery Park at 11 a.m. The rally is one of several community actions being organized this weekend in cities across the country by

The MSM & Radical Islam

Dear Editor:

It’s about time to put to rest the specious claim so popular currently with the mainstream media and ‘progressive’ dimwits, such as Sen. Ben Cardin (D) of Maryland, that any protestation against radical Islamist terrorists constitutes an effective recruitment tool for ISIS. The arguments he puts forth are as full of holes as Swiss cheese. What he spouts is a total fabrication of B.S.; no facts in sight.

In the first place, radical Islamist thugs are

The United Nations (UN) was born out of the chaos and destruction of World War II. The principles of the UN as explained in its Charter are to save future generations from war, reaffirm human rights and establish equality for all persons. In addition it also aims to promote justice, freedom and social progress for the peoples of all of its now 193 member states. Quite lofty goals that were set in 1945 even while the Nazi crematoria in Europe were still warm and General MacArthur was trying to

American Jews are at the proverbial crucial crossroad but we are not looking up at the markings on the directional signs mounted on the signpost. One arrow reads "To Survival" and the other "To Destruction." Our people have been blindly following the precarious path on the Left that was smoothly paved by the crafty Jew hating FDR. The other,offering us our independence to think, speak out and vote for our own safety, security and to guarantee our survival in this great land, has been without

The Destruction of Amona

Dear Editor:

The government of Israel has evacuated Amona – Does the Left or the world like us any better? Do they respect us more? Isn’t it better to apply the law in Judea and Samaria, to absorb exactly the same condemnations that we get in any case, but to do it to rescue the Land of Israel and Amona as part of it?

The Haaretz newspaper saw the destruction and uprooting of Amona as no less than a “last ray of light before the heavens darken forever”. In their view