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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

JV Editorial

NY Doc is NOT a Chozer Teshuva 

Dear Editor:

In the March 24th issue of the Voice, on page 9, is an article regarding a "Once Prominent NY Doctor Files for Bankruptcy, Blames Ex".  Although the story of one spouse blaming the other for his/her woes is not unique, I am surprised that the Voice ran an article on someone who has for many years, prominently touted his embracing of Christianity.  I am not aware of Dr. Braverman being a chozer teshuva. 

There are plenty of stories that can be covered in the Voice that involve prominent newsworthy Jews, which may be of interest to your readers, but I would like to believe that a story about someone, who has prominently professed his embrace of Christianity is probably not one of them.


There have been many recent threats to Jewish institutions in Canada and the U.S. that have kept us all on high alert and uneasy. Two culprits have been caught and are facing criminal charges for their alleged actions. One is a black American and the other is reportedly a Jew. Let's talk about the Jewish 19 year old Israeli-American terrorist first. Israeli authorities have him under lock and key but refuse, for some unknown reason, to give out his name, his background nor any of his contacts

Betsy DeVos was recently confirmed by the Senate to be our new Education Secretary. As part of her campaign to have all of our nation's kids improve their current low level of learning, she has advocated taxpayer funding to include private, charter as well as religious schools. This has aroused all sorts of outcries from Liberal-Progressive-Democrats who claim she wants to do away with the "Separation of Church and State." In addition, they demand federal funds should not be given to schools

Who in his right mind would seek treatment or advice from doctors or lawyers who failed to pass minimally qualifying tests in their fields? Without a doubt, nobody. Certification is required for plumbers, electricians and even barbers.  But  NYCs public schools may soon be filled with sub-standard teachers who barely have the skills of some of their brighter students. The reason:  Political Correctness! The New York State Board of Regents will soon scrap the current ineffectual exam given to

Can you believe what we just heard?? Yes, folks, contrary to what you might be thinking there is actually an intrepid voice of truth at the United Nations and it has emerged this week.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres rejected a report published by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), a Beirut-based agency which is comprised of 18 Arab states, which accused Israel of maintaining an "apartheid" regime, according a report filed on the UN Watch web site