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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

JV Editorial

A Nostalgic Look at the MTA

Dear Editor:

Visiting the New York City Transit vintage buses on Governor's Island on Saturday, July 9th was a great trip down memory lane. It was a time when bus drivers had to make change and drive, at the same time. No one dared bring any food on the bus or leave any litter behind. You had to pay separate fares to ride either the bus or subway. Now there are Metro Cards affording free transfers between bus and subway, along with discounted weekly or monthly fares. Employee transit checks to help cover the costs didn't exist decades ago.

As a teenager, riding the old subway cars in the 1960's was a time when it was common to find both penny gum and soda machines dispensing products at many subway stations

The progressive Flame-Stream Media (FSM) is in full burn over the recent Trump achievements not only in last week's G-20 conference but with his magnificent speech in Warsaw, Poland.  The incendiary headlines in this Sunday's New York Times continued to run with the fading fake news story of Russian involvement in last year's election in order to sway the vote on behalf of Mr. Trump. Like a losing, beaten boxer attempting to stall for time by engaging in clinches, the NYT's headline read

The “Brownshirts” Arrive in S Florida

Dear Editor:

This past Wednesday, July 5th, I foolishly entered into a debate with a Progressive, Democrat rabbi, the topic being, "Civility, Can we get along?" combined with, "The First Five Months of the Trump's Presidency." The meeting was sponsored by the Boca Raton Century Village Republican Club, held in an on-site synagogue. And in a civil gesture of friendship and cordiality, they invited Democrats to attend and even permitted the president of the

Our mayor is tall in physical stature but microscopically miniscule in loyalty or respect for the city over which he rules and its citizens . Just last month,  Puerto Rican murderer/terrorist, FALN leader,  Lopez Rivera was to be honored by the organizers of the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. He had been sentenced to 55 years in prison until pardoned by guess who? Barack Obama. And while commercial sponsors of this event bailed out not wanting in any way shape or form to be associated with

It's always refreshing sitting on the sidelines watching bullies fight it out among themselves. These occurrences on the streets were sometimes fun to watch,  but now, in the international arena they may turn serious. We wrote recently about the brouhaha Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Middle East nations that found fault with Qatar for joining in with Iran in spreading terror not only around the world but directly at these nations. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt imposed