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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

JV Editorial

Concerned About Trump’s Security

Dear Editor:

They hate him! The "They" is the media and the "Him" is President Trump. Never before in this nation's history has an incoming, elected president faced the challenges of such loathing and malice as has Trump. Obama, with a history of belonging to a white, Jew, American hating church for twenty years was never vilified by the single figured conservative portion of the media nor by Jews or Christians who had a pretty good (correct) idea of what his administration would be all about. Rather, he had an eight year honeymoon with the MSM that still exists to this day. 

But during Trump's barely first two months in office, a virtual stranger to politics, he has been  suffocated by the constant

The recent economic development and unity trip to Israel that was prodigiously made by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo deserves our wholehearted accolades.  While the scourge of anti-Semitism looms large as a cursed behemoth in the eternal Jewish experience, the Governor traveled to Israel at this critical time to express his fill throated support for the Jewish state that finds herself constantly under siege by the international community. He also courageously condemned the horrifying

Who in his right mind would seek treatment or advice from doctors or lawyers who failed to pass minimally qualifying tests in their fields? Without a doubt, nobody. Certification is required for plumbers, electricians and even barbers.  But  NYCs public schools may soon be filled with sub-standard teachers who barely have the skills of some of their brighter students. The reason:  Political Correctness! The New York State Board of Regents will soon scrap the current ineffectual exam given to

The mellifluous sounds of "Mazal Tov" ring out amongst members of families, communities and friends when we hear of the birth of a baby.  Our first question? That's an easy one. Is it a boy or a girl? Upon learning it's a boy, plans are enthusiastically made for the traditional Shabbos night Shalom Zachor and then on the eighth day, the bris milah.

A bris, of course, is a most joyous event, as we welcome a new male child into the traditions of our forbears and his Hebrew name is given to him

Down With Taxpayer Support of Radicals

Dear Editor: 

Go figure. Colleges, their tuition paying snowflake students and their well paid, tenured professors all combine to actively, vocally and criminally prevent speakers with conservative messages from appearing on campus, but welcome with open arms those who openly call for the destruction of our nation, death to members of our law enforcement community and the destruction of democratic Israel where women and gays are just normal members of