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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, June 26, 2017

JV Editorial

Who in his right mind would seek treatment or advice from doctors or lawyers who failed to pass minimally qualifying tests in their fields? Without a doubt, nobody. Certification is required for plumbers, electricians and even barbers.  But  NYCs public schools may soon be filled with sub-standard teachers who barely have the skills of some of their brighter students. The reason:  Political Correctness! The New York State Board of Regents will soon scrap the current ineffectual exam given to prospective teachers because less than half of Hispanics and African American candidates pass. That's the real dilemma.

The problem evidently that our educational mavens are trying to solve is not how to improve the learning skills, achievements and

Down With Taxpayer Support of Radicals

Dear Editor: 

Go figure. Colleges, their tuition paying snowflake students and their well paid, tenured professors all combine to actively, vocally and criminally prevent speakers with conservative messages from appearing on campus, but welcome with open arms those who openly call for the destruction of our nation, death to members of our law enforcement community and the destruction of democratic Israel where women and gays are just normal members of

Obama supposedly in retirement, now encamped in his war-room mansion just a short walk from his old den, the White House, has unleashed accusations that President Trump has criminally been in collusion with Russia to subvert Hillary's recent failed campaign and to threaten our national security by secretly teaming up with Putin. So, according to all of the now outspoken, vociferously angry Dems, Putin is a bad guy and the Russians are not to be trusted. What a strange turn of events for anyone

Since the inauguration of President Trump, the hostility against Israel has been ramped Leftist Jews and their gleeful, smirking, Palestinian associates in hate who have successfully infiltrated the Jewish "Two State Solution" movement. After all, for the last eight Obama years, the Palestinians were in control of the fictional "Peace Process" by merely sitting in their mansions observing the American Jewish Left, under Obama's watchful eye, push and punish Prime Minister Netanyahu to

US: “The Earth’s Last Best Hope”

Dear Editor:

Lincoln believed that the United States is “the earth’s last best hope.” 

We Americans are living proof of the truth our great President’s words. We are the elements of every particle of the rainbow. We are from every country, we are of every religion, every culture and we all watch out for each other. In our American family, we are Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus and all people of good faith who are and who are