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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, March 30, 2017

JV Editorial

Recently, it came to the attention of the Jewish Voice editorial staff that the Israeli Foreign Ministry in conjunction with the Disapora Affairs Ministry and the Government Press Office convened yet another “Jewish Media Summit” in Jerusalem. The four day event, which was the first held since June of 2014, brought together 50 publishers, bureau chiefs, editors and a variety of op-ed writers from Jewish publications and media outlets from such places as the United States, Europe, South America, and Turkey among others. It was there that they discussed major topics facing Israel and Jews in the Diaspora.   

Not that you have the background, we would be remiss in informing our readers that The Jewish Voice (which had previously been invited

Joining a Boycott of French Products

Dear Editor:

Concerning your announcement of a boycott of products manufactured in or owned by France, allow me to say that this initiative is long overdue.  In the last few years France has been the venue for deadly terror attacks in which both Jews and non-Jews were targeted. In addition to the unspeakable carnage at the offices of radical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, Jewish blood was spilled at Paris’ main kosher grocery store right before the Sabbath .

If the figures for the Jewish vote during the recent presidential election holds up, nearly 71% of the Jewish vote went for the Democrat line-up, right across the board. That's an uptick of nearly 3 points over the numbers for the 2012 Obama second term re-election. We're begging for Democrat supporters to please give us the reasons for this tiny but noticeable surge of support for the Democrat Party. Just what benefits did they themselves, this nation's Jewish citizens or the Jewish State

Other than their age old stalwart, ramrod straight penchant for Jew hating, the French are notoriously famous for their unreliability and total lack of backbone for all things relating to morality, honor and ethics. Back during WWII, the French quickly raised a white flag to the German invaders and with its Nazi supporting Vichy government under Marshall Petain, strived to outdo their Nazi partners in gathering up its Jewish citizens for their train rides to hell. During the 1942 American

Looking Back on the Obama Admin

Dear Editor:

Many of us recall with regret, the theme of former President George W. Bush’s first Presidential campaign – the well-intended attempt at fostering ‘Compassionate Conservatism’. No one understood what it meant and yet, good money was thrown after bad at the concept, in the hope that more Government giveaways would somehow, engender goodwill among men. Pardon me while I try to purge my memory of how well all that turned out. If I remember correctly