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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

JV Editorial

Who is waving the red flag to warn American Jews that their canoes are racing toward the waterfall? What Jewish financed protective organizations are telling Jews the truth about organized Jew hating movements growing by leaps and bounds right out in the open? We have to give credit to those groups who are desperately blowing the whistle to get the word out. Make no mistake about it, politically Liberal as well as Conservative Jews are in the same canoe flotilla cruising to disaster. 

The signs of Jew hating are all around us. Take the recent vandalism at Jewish cemeteries in Philadelphia and in University City, Missouri, where hundreds of headstones were overturned. There has been no group claiming responsibility for these outrages but

Lifting the Blockade of Gaza

Dear Editor:

Residents of Gaza which is blockaded by Israel feel they live to a “besieged castle that can fall at any moment.” In 2005 Israel unilaterally withdrew all its settlers and soldiers from Gaza. The Israelis left behind greenhouses which had been used to grow valuable produce exported to Europe.

Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007 and commenced launching rockets into Israel and sending terrorists through underground tunnels to murder Israelis. In

A Palestinian State is Bad for America

Dear Editor:

We all know why the creation of a Palestinian state would be dangerous for Israel— the indefensible borders, the vulnerable airports, the lack of water sources.

But let’s consider why a Palestinian state would be dangerous for America.

—Turmoil and instability: The Palestinians have a long record of fomenting regional instability. They provoked an armed conflict with King Hussein of Jordan. They instigated a civil war in Lebanon. It’s only

"Fake News" is just what the words imply: that some stories or accounts of happenings given to us by the print or electronic media are not true. Rather, they are lies or purposeful misrepresentations of the facts in order to deceive the reader, viewer or listener. You could imagine "Fake News" as a football carried protectively under the arms of a running back in order to achieve points on the scoreboard. We'll now name some of these news sources who are enshrined in the Fake News Hall of Fame

Lately, we've all been privy to the hullabaloo relating to President Trump's call for a short term hiatus of refugees entering this country from a few nations in the Middle East. This edict has set up a firestorm of protests claiming that this decision was directed at Muslims who wish to enter this country claiming to be victims of guess what?...Muslim terror. This past Sunday a rally was held in challenge to this proclamation. So let's quote directly from the organization behind this