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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

JV Editorial

Raising the Debt Ceiling & Hurricane Irma

Dear Editor:

There are always two sides to every story concerning President Trump and Congress agreeing to raise the debt ceiling as a method to fund $15 billion in Hurricane Harvey & Irma relief and to keep the federal government open until December 15th. President Trump and Congress, on a bipartisan basis, are in denial by not acknowledging the relationship between funding the relief effort and the ongoing financial budget crises.

Everyone agrees that there is justification for appropriating a down payment of $8 billion toward Hurricane Harvey relief effort. It was a question of finding $8 billion within a $3.7 trillion dollar budget. It has been a 100 year tradition to authorize and

What is it with us American Jews, especially our Leftist, Liberal religious and lay leaders who bend like palm trees to the winds of the radical anti-Semitic Left? Headlines such as, "150 Jews Protest Outside of Trump Tower," "Bay Area Jews Protest Trump's Immigration Ban," and "350 Women Rabbis Sign Letter Condemning Trump's Hate Speech," blare out dangerously from the Mainstream Media who greedily grasp and describe such political radicalism from those Jews usually mute when it comes to their

Iran’s Ban on Competing against Israeli Athletes

Dear Editor:

Iran recently banned two soccer players for life from playing for their country because they participated in a match against Israelis. Iran prohibits Iranian athletes from competing against Israeli athletes in any contest. Israel can use Iran’s ban to its advantage by asking Israeli volunteers to join foreign teams scheduled to play against Iranian athletes. The effect will be to exclude Iran from competing against teams that

Just what is the Antifa movement? Who are these people, who funds them and what are their goals? The name is short for Antifascist. In other words, those young, white and black kids marching in hordes with masks covering their faces, wearing black uniforms, carrying baseball bats, knives, chains and home-made flame throwers claim they are against fascism. They insist they are on the scene to combat the hate emanating from President Trump, white nationalists, neo Nazis and anyone else for whom

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned by President Trump after being convicted by a federal judge who found the Arizona law enforcement official guilty of being in contempt for continuing to have his officers enforce immigration laws that the Obama administration deemed illegal. That’s called by the Left, 

“Racial Profiling.” If you go after illegals, that’s illegal, they say. Sheriff Joe, as he’s familiarly called, is a hard liner on illegal immigration and ordered his deputies to aggressively